Sunday , March 26 2023


I am a freelancer stationed in Ghana. Having studied Political Science to a degree level, I have taken my passion for writing to a level that has facilitated me to become a skilled and experienced writer.

Review Of DJ H Chimist’s “Run Away”

Welcome, music aficionados! I’m thrilled to share my views on DJ H Chimist’s new single, “Run Away,” which he published on February 17th, as an experienced writer with a love for reviewing tracks. For those who are unfamiliar with DJ H Chimist, he is a Paris-based artist in the French …

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Review Of Rokita’s “Cranial Euphoria”

Rokita, an original Michigander with the purpose of creating original rock-style songs that inspire and make people ‘feel good’ after listening to have a positive impact, is back with an exceptionally stunning and dynamic rock song titled “Cranial Euphoria.” released on February 25th this year, “Cranial Euphoria,” is a nearly …

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Review Of Clay Joule’s “O’DREAM”

Clay Joule, a singer-songwriter from Secaucus, has a showcase of fresh sounds that perfectly characterize his craft. As a vibrant singer with reflective lyrics, he puts feelings into his tracks and makes them come true, such as “O’Dream,” a song he published on February 24th, 2022 that depicts the optimism …

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Review Of 2Four’s “Freak This”

2Four is a hip-hop artist, singer, and songwriter from Nashville, Tennessee, and his songs have a distinguishing sound that sets him apart. “Freak This,” the Nashville native’s current dominant song, is a delight to listen to because it redefines the hip-hop genre. Released on February 10th, “Freak This” is both …

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Review Of Faith Louise’s “Heartbreak?”

The intriguing Faith Louise is a singer-songwriter from the United Kingdom recognized for her captivating and imaginative compositions that are both significantly personal and widely relatable. After listening to her, I’d characterize her as a sharp viewer of melody who will make an enduring impact on anyone who hears her …

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Review Of Tasty’s “Another Day Alive”

Andrew Keeler, aka Tasty, is a 23-year-old guitarist, pianist, and vocalist from New Orleans/Louisiana. Tasty draws inspiration from Mumford and Sons, Lauryn Hill, Mac Miller, Mike Posner, Frank Ocean, and The Beatles, making his tracks charming with exquisite ensembles that complement the melodic style of his songs. His new single, …

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Review Of Marc Rangel’s “Song Cry”

Marc Rangel is a Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter with exciting tracks and gorgeous lyrics that keep you engaged with her tracks with songs that appear in perfect harmonizing. Her new single, titled “Song Cry,” released on February 24th this year, is an unvarnished and honest statement of the emotions that emerge …

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Interview With Dionisaf Regarding His “Dreamland” Album

Dionisaf aka Dionis Afonichev, from the United States, is a composer, ambient producer, multi-instrumentalist, and sound hunter who combines modular and granular synthesizers, electric guitar, field recordings, and non-musical sounds and noises in his music, which takes on the quality of musicality when combined with other elements of the composition. …

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Review Of JUNK’s “They Call me Old Man”

“They Call Me Oldman” by San Diego-based ensemble JUNK made up of Dirty D and Dubl A is a powerful and thought-provoking composition that confronts ageist judgments and prejudices in the culture we live in. The music combines flawlessly with the heartfelt lyrics in their trademark Jazz Funk style, creating …

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