Wednesday , November 30 2022


C Kahari Shares New Single “Rolling, Floating”

Making his debut in 2019 with “Faces + Aces,” C Kahari is a Zimbabwean but London-based singer who provides introspective lyrics and melodic hooks flowing as a diary of insecurities over spacey production, as his current track “Rolling, Floating” clearly displays. “Rolling, Floating” is an intriguing creation of rich vocals …

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Ryan David Orr Is Aking “How Long” Will This Go On?

Ryan David Orr, a Phoenix-based American singer/songwriter, and producer, creates thoughtful music for a thoughtless age. Ryan enjoys merging his songs with beautiful instrumentals and charming melodies to enhance the listening experience for his audiences and this is quite evident in his songs. On November 4th, he released “How Long,” …

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Mia Delamar Plays No “Silly” Games With Her New Song

Mia Delamar, an Atlanta-based young artist who draws inspiration from Mary J. Blige, Ariana Grande, and Aaliyah, is an exceptional singer/songwriter and choreographer that evokes emotions with her songs. She is a soulful-pop sensation with obvious R&B origins who captivates us with her sensual vocal skills while delivering her songs …

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Vybz Kartel Drops Off “God N’ Gun”

There truly isn’t any other living artist that is as legendary as Vybz Kartel. Despite his incarceration, he still holds the crown as the King Of Dancehall with a flurry of music to back up the claim. This week, the rapper came through with a brand new single, titled, “God N …

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Kurupt Hosts “Players Ball” With Snoop Dogg & C-Mob

G-funk lives on thanks to MCs like Kurupt, C-Mob, and Snoop Dogg. They’ve just released a new single titled “Players Ball” that throws it back with high-pitched keys and a laidback atmosphere. Moreover, Kurupt and C-Mob released this as a single to their upcoming collaborative album. Don’t Be Stupid drops on December 16th, and …

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Eli Ladon Spends “10 Milligrams” A Day

With four albums now under his belt, Atlanta-based artist Eli Ladon is a rap and hip-hop artist whose music tends to pave the way for people to go a little deeper with tracks that spark emotions. While his music continues to be great, Eli’s constant excitement for meaningful music is …

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