Wednesday , October 4 2023


On A Playful and Eclectic Musical Journey, Jaime Travezan Says, “Everybody Is So Funny”

Jaime Travezan, an adept Lima, Peruvian artist, displays his multidimensional brilliance in his recent release, “Everybody Is So Funny.”With this piece, Travezan presents an intriguing and enjoyable track that takes listeners on an exhilarating musical adventure, combining his expertise in photography with a passion for music. “Everybody Is So Funny” is the …

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Lost in Time, Found in Sound, Evoletah’s “Calliope Dreaming” Album Awakens The Spirit of a Lost Generation.

Evoletah is a musical duo from Adelaide, Australia, comprised of Matt Cahill and Benjamin Johns. They have been performing together since 2015 and have seven wonderful albums to their credit. “Calliope Dreaming,” their recent release, is a magnificent dive into music that transcends time and trends. The album, which consists of seven tracks, was released …

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