Thursday , November 30 2023

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Review Of Gary Dranow’s “Day I Was Born”

With several features on this blog, I am confident that my readers have come to the same conclusion as me that the true definition of the name Gary Dranow composes timeless and captivating songs with exquisite musicianship. Gary Dranow and The Manic Emotions of Park City have completely excelled themselves …

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Review Of Gary Dranow’s “Mellow Drama”

When you listen to “Mellow Drama,” you can’t help but sense the raw energy and honesty radiating from Gary Dranow’s seamless cadence. This song, written in the third person, is an utter treasure, showing his lyrical ability as well as the tenacity that distinguishes him. Gary invites us into a …

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Review Of Gary Dranow’s “Something About You”

Gary Dranow, of Park City, has returned with a fresh new song he called “Something About You,” which was born from “Destiny Road,” a song he told his audiences about a dream he had in 1996 when he found himself in a hallucinatory condition amid Emerald colored hills where he …

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Gary Dranow Takes Walk Down “Destiny Road” With New Song

Surpassing over 17k plays on Spotify with a total runtime of 4 minutes 31 seconds, “Destiny Road” is Park City-based Gary Dranow’s latest single, released on 12 December last year. It’s a brilliantly composed tune with many variations to create a sense of airiness and soulfulness, which relates to Gary …

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