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Review Of Rokita’s “Cranial Euphoria”

Rokita, an original Michigander with the purpose of creating original rock-style songs that inspire and make people ‘feel good’ after listening to have a positive impact, is back with an exceptionally stunning and dynamic rock song titled “Cranial Euphoria.” released on February 25th this year, “Cranial Euphoria,” is a nearly …

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Review Of Mariana Masetto’s “Lagoa do Ibiraquera”

Mariana Masetto, a singer-songwriter from Argentina’s Ciudad de Buenos Aires, captures hearts and steals spotlights with her compositions, as she has done with “Lagoa do Ibiraquera,” her new stunning Latin pop music that captures the beauty and majesty of the eponymous lake in Brazil. Released on the 7th of January …

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J. Lock Says It’s That “Typa Szn” With A Single

J. Lock, born in Mississippi and now based in Atlanta, has been turning heads with his impressive rapping style while weaving magic in his listeners’ ears. “Typa Szn” is one of these tunes, and it’s a song that will leave anyone speechless, owing to J. Lock’s expertise and musical taste. …

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Review Of Saneit’s “Nothing Like Them”

Saneit is a Chicago-based independent R&B phenomenon with lovely tunes with the irrepressible melodic riffs that all superb R&B compositions possess. She is a magnificent musical diva. She released “Nothing Like Them” on November 18th, a song full of warmth and toe-tapping rhythm that will stay with fans for a …

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Review Of Jenn Vix’s “Mr. Strange”

With a discography that highlights her vast variety of abilities, including her multi-instrumental virtuosity, Jenn Vix is a Rhode Island-based singer/songwriter whose songs are a combination of indie pop and trap with heart-felt rhythmic melodies and joyful lyrics and injects a lot of emotional, enthusiasm, and her true personality into …

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