Tuesday , October 3 2023

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Review Of Proklaim’s “Somebody”

Another glorious day, and I’m still listening to Proklaim, the rapper from Namibia who has dominated the music scene this year with his powerful tunes. He makes a lot of effort in his compositions, in case you haven’t noticed, and that is what makes him unique. He’s got a concept …

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Review Of Proklaim’s ‘Valley’

Proklaim, a Namibian-based rapper who has been dazzling his fans with his incredible lyrics for quite some time after breaking into the music industry with his natural flow, is back with another song titled ‘Valley,’ which was released on March 24th. ‘Valley’ is a moving masterpiece that takes listeners on …

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Review Of Proklaim’s “sparrow”

Proklaim is an artist that is devoted to his trade. He is both a throwback and a pioneer, mixing real lyrics and charm with edge futuristic production. His material, like Tupac’s, is frequently message-driven, but he has a commanding listenability and intensity that is refreshing. His rap tone is distinct …

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Review Of Proklaim’s “No Doubt”

Proklaim is a solo artist from Windhoek, Namibia. His current single, “No Doubt,” is music that will dispel any qualms you may have about him as a rapper. Proklaim identifies himself as a seasoned veteran rapper who knows his creative identity and is different. “No Doubt” was released by Proklaim …

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