Benzino addresses 50 Cent and Coi Leray drama on “Zino Vs The Planet.”

Benzino has been going through a lot as of late. Over the past week, Benzino has been roasted by the internet for his treatment of his own daughter Coi Leray. From there, 50 Cent has been taking shots at Benzino, claiming the man dates trans women. Needless to say, Benzino is an easy target right now and he is sick of it. So much so that Benzino actually dropped a diss track a few days ago called “Zino Vs The Planet.”

On this new track, Benzino raps about the hardships of fatherhood, and he even goes after 50 with some pretty hard bars. It’s clear that this song was mostly meant to address Fif, and we’re sure the fans are going to eat this up. 50 is someone who loves petty internet beef, so we imagine he will continue to make fun of Zino, regardless of this latest diss.

You can check out the new diss track, below.

Quotable Lyrics:

50 keep it a hunnid
I helped you when they jumped you
I should have let them ghost you just like Kanan when they slumped you