After a nearly nine-month break following his hit single “Talkin’ To You,” 14-year-old Carson Ferris makes a triumphant return with “Ghosts,” a masterfully crafted electro-pop anthem. Released on July 4, “Ghosts” addresses the complex emotions of moving on from toxic relationships. With previous hits like “Speed Limit,” “Crazy,” and “1999,” Ferris has already demonstrated a knack for poignant storytelling and infectious melodies. Now, he takes his artistry to a new level with this latest track, showing maturity beyond his years. Let’s delve into this masterpiece.

The track kicks off with a mix of beautiful sounds that feel like the first rays of sunshine peeking through bedroom curtains. These notes create a hauntingly serene ambiance, perfectly mirroring the song’s theme of letting go and moving forward. Ferris’s sweet vocals glide effortlessly over the instrumentation, showcasing his growth as an artist. His performance is quality-controlled and precise, each note delivered with a sincerity that makes the lyrics hit home. “Ghosts,” in my lexicon, is the definition of an incredible song! I have listened to it numerous times and am sure I will listen to it again. It’s the type of earworm that sticks around in your head and won’t go away. Much like the person you know is causing problems but can’t seem to shake.

Lyrically, the main theme of “Ghosts” is profoundly relatable: the realization that forgiveness doesn’t necessitate maintaining a relationship. Drawing from personal experiences and keen observations, Carson crafts a narrative that speaks to anyone who has ever been in a toxic or unhealthy relationship. The lines, “I forgive you but you know, that now things aren’t the same. Let’s go our separate ways. Cause all that’s left of us are ghosts,” encapsulate the bittersweet liberation of moving on. Carson’s delivery is heartfelt and earnest, making us feel every word. They speak to those of us who have had to extricate ourselves from an unhealthy situation, offering both solace and strength.

Musically, the production of “Ghosts” is expertly handled by Matthew Parker, who ensures that each element of the track is perfectly balanced. The electro-pop instrumentation complements Carson’s vocals, creating a soundscape that is both modern and timeless. The beats are crisp, and the synths add an ethereal quality to the track, enhancing its emotional depth. Also, a notable aspect of this single is that Carson recorded all of his vocals in his home studio, showcasing his dedication and hands-on approach to his music.

Carson Ferris raised such a high standard with this release that I doubt anyone will be able to match it anytime soon. He happily builds a picture only with his lyrics and singing, making it one of the perfect tunes I’ve heard in a while. This is one of the best songs of the year so far without doubt. A perfect curation of musical elements just to deliver the right vibe. I eagerly anticipate what he will bring next, but for now, “Ghosts” is a beautiful reminder of why I missed him so much. It’s a soundtrack for fresh starts, new chapters, and the exhilarating uncertainty of what lies ahead.

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