Saturday , September 30 2023


Horizonte Lied’s “Memorias de Crónicas Futuras” (Remastered Edition) Is A Profound Journey Through Ethereal Memories

Horizonte Lied, from Monterrey, has released the much-awaited “Memorias de Crónicas Futuras” (Remastered Edition) album in a victorious comeback to the forefront of the music scene. This band, which was formed in 1992, has continually pushed the boundaries of its sound, making an evident influence on the industrial and avant-garde music environment. With their remastered …

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My Name is Ian’s Album “Go Bananas, Go Bananas, Go Bananas, Go Bananas, Go Bananas” Delivers Eclectic Themes with Catchy Melodies and Witty Lyrics

My Name is Ian’s eighth studio album, “Go Bananas, Go Bananas, Go Bananas, Go Bananas, Go Bananas,” is a beautiful symphony of infectious pop songs, creative lyrics, and endless energy. The album is an auditory journey through a variety of subjects, ranging from personal struggles to witty views on life’s oddities. Released on July …

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Polsky’s Debut Album, “Executive Functions” Delivers a Captivating Synth-Rock Odyssey Through Modern Life

In an era where musical innovation is frequently at the forefront, Polsky emerges as a London-based band with a gripping first album titled “Executive Functions.” The album, which came out on July 13th, digs clearly into the complexities of modern life, ingeniously stitching together a mosaic of subjects ranging from digital quandaries to …

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