Wednesday , February 21 2024


With “Honey,” Future Problems Deliver A Sweet Symphony of Sobriety and Self-Discovery

Future Problems, made up of Ana Leon (vocals/guitar), Victor Beber (piano), and David Morales (drums), is a Los Angeles-based trio that has created a musical classic that not only pays homage to their different influences but also conveys a poignant message about sobriety and self-acceptance. Released on August 18, recorded in Santa Monica’s Bedroom Baby Studios, and …

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Sophia Stephens’ “Remnantal” EP: A Heartfelt Journey Through Life’s Depths

Sophia Stephens, a seventeen-year-old sensation, emerges as a veritable light of hope and sparkle in the world of independent music, where integrity and emotional depth commonly shine the brightest. Her debut EP, “Remnantal,” released on June 1, is a stunning, heart-wrenching, and beautifully crafted musical masterpiece that addresses the profound intricacies of life, loss, and the undying spirit …

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MungMung Drops a Bombshell with “Internet Friends,” A Savage Dive into the World of Social Media

MUNGMUNG, the audacious Alt Hip Hop and R&B star originating from the bustling city of Sydney, Australia, has lit the landscape ablaze with her debut album, ‘Boujee Bby’. Nestled within this musical gem, “Internet Friends”, is a noteworthy piece that connects with the modern-day soul. Crafted with raw introspection and delivered with an unabashed swagger …

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