Tuesday , February 20 2024


Under Delusion Resurfaces with “Burning Under Water” – A Musical Submersion into Raw Emotion

It’s an absolute delight to welcome Under Delusion back to my audience for the fourth time, as their unique combination of synth-rock continues to astonish and enchant fans with each release. Their latest offering, “Burning Under Water,” is the fourth single off their highly anticipated second album, and it’s the definition of a stunner. As …

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Arn-Identified Flying Objects And Alien Friends Soar with Emotional Intensity in “Dirty Dick Dies”

Arn-Identified Flying Objects, the Stockholm-based sensation, has blessed us with another melancholy and intriguing masterpiece. “Dirty Dick Dies,” a song off their latest album ‘NO SWEETS FOR E,’ dives into the harrowing journey of a man named Dirty Dick, who confronts his mortality with a plea to a higher power. This song, released on May …

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Rusty Reid’s “Rio Frio” Delivers A Lyrical Journey into the Heart of Texas With A Musical Revelation

Rusty Reid’s ‘Rio Frio,’ from the album ‘Bayou Line,’ which he released on August 23rd, stands out as a shimmering gem, a timeless journey that transcends genres and speaks to the very soul of its listeners. Rusty Reid, the talented American indie-folk-pop-country-rock singer-songwriter with deep roots in the heart of Texas, takes us …

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Kully Bath’s “Rain Falls Inside”: An Emotional Masterpiece That Strikes the Heartstrings

In the realm of music that transcends mere melodies and lyrics, Kully Bath’s latest release, “Rain Falls Inside,” stands as a poignant statement to the power of storytelling through music. Bath, a Birmingham-based singer-songwriter, has released a heartfelt narrative in her single, and it’s nothing short of a marvelous musical experience. For the first time, she …

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Carson Ferris Takes Us Back in Time with “1999” – A Nostalgia-Filled Musical Journey

Carson Ferris, a 13-year-old singer-songwriter, returns to our blog with enormous excitement and expectation. Having previously featured his incredible tracks “Speed Limit” and “Crazy,” we were left in awe of his extraordinary skill and promising future in the music industry. Today, we’re excited to dig deep into his latest musical creation, “1999,” a tune …

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Mat Hook’s “Runaway Road” Strikes a Resonant Chord, Leading the Way to Resilience

Mat Hook, the multi-talented artist known for his prowess as a vocalist, backup vocalist, guitarist, and songwriter, has ecstatically resurfaced on the music scene with his emotionally packed track, “Runaway Road.” After a seven-year hiatus, Mat has made a comeback to live performance with a song that not only reflects on his challenges but also displays his …

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