In the world of rising artists, DEWAR is a unique singer who has the potential to make a profound impact on her musical career. Scottish by birth, she has already made a big impression on the world music scene with her debut album, “Rudiment.” Released on September 1st, 2023, this 11-track album serves not only as the start of DEWAR’s musical journey but also, surprisingly, exhibits the growth and weight that one might expect from a seasoned artist at the height of their career. Now, let’s dive into the album and find out the messages each song conveys.

The “Rudiment” album opens with “Alone Again.” With calm percussion and a beautiful intro, this song is soothing and warm. With lyrics that convey a sense of loneliness, inner conflict, and the fight to discover one’s path, DEWAR struggles with her anxiety about being alone with her thoughts. With lines like, “I’m on my own again without you,” she sets the theme of being apart—possibly from a support system or a valuable individual. Also, the lyrics touch on the depth of emotions, identifying an urge to overthink things and a desire to drown in a relationship. The line “It’s like a never-ending story that I can’t escape” depicts the idea of being caught in a cycle of doubt and pain while also adding emotional weight. DEWAR’s vocals stand out, and they give the song an honest and emotional feel. The gentle pace and compelling chord progression build up a soft and gorgeous atmosphere that invites us into DEWAR’s world of longing and reflection.

Titled “Don’t Waste My Time,” the album’s second song wastes no time in capturing our attention with its perfect introduction. The way it unfolds is nice, and DEWAR’s voice adds honey to an already lovely tune. She expresses a clear message of frustration and refusal to deal with a toxic relationship. So, given its severe lyrics and energetic tone, this song oozes a strong sense of freedom and independence. The lyrics also touch on how people are seen at first, calling them arrogant and progressive—a feeling that enriches the narrative. The chorus acts as an anthem, opposing the notion of allowing someone to stand in the way of one’s growth. The song’s dramatic lyrics and lively, harmonic framework make for an absorbing and enjoyable musical experience. In all, “Don’t Waste My Time” is a bold song about empowerment and freedom with a bright musical background.

Now the third song that claims “The Show Is Never Over,” is a motivating anthem that upholds resiliency, dedication, and the search for personal growth. The lyrics convey a message of fortitude and the relevance of maintaining diligence in hardship. The lines “You tried but failed, so try again” and “Never Give up until you stop looking for yourself,” underline the theme of resilience and self-discovery while the calls to “break a habit” and “break your comfort” drive us to move out of our comfort zones and embrace change. DEWAR’s vocal delivery is powerful, taking us through the depth of the song’s theme. The upbeat and empowering tone matches the uplifting tone, creating a sense of inspiration and hope.

Moving on to the fourth song, “Influence,” features head-bopping sounds and has everything to influence us, and DEWAR’s vocals cut through the mix with ease. The lyrics, which seem to dive into the inner feelings and dynamics of a relationship, describe the physical features and personality of the person who has a firm grip over DEWAR, indicating an intimate connection. The refrain “You were my influence” refers to the major influence that person has on the DEWAR’s thoughts and emotions. The use of words like “dark and mysterious” and “heart as black as the night” transports a feeling of intrigue and depth to the story. DEWAR’s performance exudes charm, and she delivers the words with precision and clarity.

In addition, the fifth song, “Walking Alone,” sings about the feeling of traveling through the night alone by mixing anxiety and reflection into its lyrics. The singer paints a vivid picture of traveling a darkened street while confronting inner problems and an uncertain future ahead. The recognition of fear and uncertainty gives the emotional story more depth, while the line “I walk alone” underlines a sense of independence and self-reliance. There is a noticeable tension in the song due to the idea of a heart pounding faster than the speed of light and the worry of burning to the ground. The psychological conflict of the vocalist is reflected in the lyrics, which also examine the question of whether to turn around or keep going ahead. This song is infectious and will get you singing along in no time. DEWAR’s confidence comes off strongly and is expertly executed.

Starting with a mellow vibe, the sixth song, “Wolves,” picks up in pace a few seconds into its opening. DEWAR’s vocals caress the ears, and she skillfully blends elements of fear, urgency, and the mystique of the supernatural. Her lyrics paint a vivid picture of a haunting night where heaven opens up and the ‘wolves’ begin to howl, signaling an impending chase. The poetic lines, such as “I’m running my fastest, but my feet can’t keep up; fear is slowing me down,” create a sense of desperation and vulnerability in the face of an unseen threat. Wonderfully, the lyrics cleverly use the metaphor of wolves hunting to convey a sense of impending danger and the struggle to escape. This makes “Wolves” a well-crafted composition that not only captures attention but also showcases a compelling fusion of atmospheric soundscapes and engaging storytelling.

With a mix of musical elements that intrigue me, the next song, “To See You,” is an introspective piece that explores the themes of self-discovery, heartache, and the quest for a genuine connection. Thanks to DEWAR’s smooth vocals, the lyrics of this song reveal a journey of awakening, both emotionally and mentally, as she struggles with the difficulties of relationships. The lines, ‘I’ve opened my eyes, and I can see what I need,’ convey a newfound clarity and awareness where the metaphor of opening one’s eyes is powerful, suggesting a profound realization and a willingness to confront the truth. Combining an energetic and lively tempo with slow and emotional vocal arcs, DEWAR expertly balances out the song with a swing that keeps us moving and jiving.

Starting with a reggae-like rhythm, “Proud” comes off as the eighth song and is a poignant and introspective piece that delves into the complexities of relationships, particularly those strained by time and distance. The lyrics convey a sense of resilience and self-discovery as DEWAR navigates the challenges of understanding and accepting someone for who they are. The lines “I still know who you are, and I know what you’re not now” encapsulate a deep understanding of a person’s essence and the acknowledgment of growth or change over time. The emotional tone of the song is both reflective and hopeful, with the singer expressing a determination to make those they care about proud despite the uncertainties that accompany the relationship. “Proud” combines relatable themes with a catchy melody, making it a compelling exploration of identity, relationships, and the pursuit of pride.

With lyrics that capture the essence of personal growth and the realization that every moment holds significance, “Every Minute,” the ninth song, carries such a message. It’s a song that reflects on the transformative power of relationships and the lessons learned from them. The opening lines express a sense of revelation and the acknowledgment that, despite previous beliefs, there is still much to learn and experience. The metaphor of a broken glass symbolizes the fragility of emotions and the impact of encounters with others. The repetition of the refrain “Every minute that we waste is time worth spent doing something that you love” emphasizes the importance of cherishing and utilizing time wisely. Moreover, DEWAR’s charming vocals add to the bliss even more. And to my utmost surprise, nothing about the song disappointed me. Everything was finely curated!

The tenth song, “Dance With Your Shadow,” is a poignant and introspective piece that delves into the complexities of human emotions and the struggle with inner demons. The lyrics convey a desire to understand and connect with someone on a deeper level, seeking to unravel the secrets and emotions that lie within. The metaphor of dancing with one’s shadows is a powerful representation of confronting and embracing the darker aspects of oneself. This song captures a sense of longing and nostalgia, reminiscing about happier times and expressing a willingness to support and hold onto promises despite the challenges. The line, “Wanna see what it’s like, will you dance with your shadows tonight and make fun of the light?” encapsulates the central theme of facing inner turmoil with resilience and finding solace in the shadows. On her vocals and performance, the way DEWAR structures her vocals tonally is unlike any other artist I have seen in a while. She layers her vocals and sonic patterns on another layer, creating this beautiful, emotional sound.

Bringing the album to a close, “This Chapter” explores the complexities of relationships and the inevitable hardships that often accompany them. The lyrics convey a sense of inner turmoil and self-discovery, as well as the conflicting emotions of desire for personal fulfillment and the guilt associated with potentially causing pain to a significant other. The mention of being “broken and falling apart” suggests a relationship in a state of disarray, yet there is a bittersweet acceptance in the acknowledgment that “this is where our chapter stops.” The lyrics convey a poignant realization that, despite the difficulties and the desire for apologies, the relationship has reached its conclusion. The use of lyrics like “I can’t breathe with you near me” and “you’ll suffocate my thoughts” vividly captures the suffocating nature of a relationship that has become emotionally stifling.

Overall, “Rudiment” is a testament to DEWAR’s emergence as a formidable force in the music industry. This album not only showcases her vocal prowess and emotive delivery but also reveals a nuanced understanding of various genres. DEWAR’s raw authenticity and Gareth Young’s masterful production converge to create an album that transcends expectations. With “Rudiment,” DEWAR doesn’t just introduce herself to the world; she demands attention, leaving an indelible mark on the musical landscape.

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