In a world full of artists and musicians, Emily Nicole Green stands out as a distinct and emotionally compelling voice. Hailing from New York, Green’s journey through life and her musical career has been nothing short of a rollercoaster, but it’s within her vulnerability and resilience that she finds her exceptional voice and storytelling prowess. “Thief,” released on September 9, is a tune of her upcoming debut EP, ‘Outrunning The Animal,’ and is a prime example of her raw talent as well as the depth of her inner interiority. With lyrics that cut to the core and vocals that soar with emotional power, “Thief” is a poignant exploration of abandonment, self-discovery, and perseverance. Let’s get started!

Green wastes no time in capturing our hearts with her opening lines: “Yeah, you hurt me, then I hurt you.” Yeah, you left me, but then I left me too.” These lines are a masterpiece in lyrical vulnerability, exposing the song’s raw and approachable core while emphasizing the fact that our deepest wounds often come from within. Her delivery of these lines conveys both a heartbreaking and empowering sense of self-reflection. Green’s vocals, a rich and expressive instrument in their own right, glide across the stunning soundscape with a soothing and soft presence. Her delicate voice serenades the tune, delivering a calming, enticing solace to the soul. Throughout the song, her skilled vibrato and vocal control are on display, creating an intimate connection with the listener. The way she moves through the heartwarming lyrics, particularly lines like “I nearly died from the pain and disbelief,” proves her vocal prowess while invoking strong emotions. Without a doubt, Emily Nichole Green’s performance of “Thief” on any talent show, would be deserving of a golden buzzer. Her compelling lyrics, strong voice, and profound piano ballad would astound both the judges and the crowd. It’s a 10 for me!

“Thief” goes deeply into the repercussions of a shattered relationship at its core. The lyrics capture the real and unfiltered emotions of someone who has been hurt and abandoned by their partner. Green grapples with the anguish of betrayal and desertion, ultimately realizing that her self-destructive inclinations are just as much to blame as her partner’s acts. The song captures the complicated dynamics of a relationship in turmoil, where responsibility is shared and the borders between victim and offender are blurred. The lyrics effectively convey a sense of loss and longing, with vivid imagery like “You took parts of me I still can’t retrieve” and “You might be a good man, but you’re a goddamn thief.” The song’s raw honesty and Green’s introspection make “Thief” a powerful and relatable expression of heartbreak and self-discovery.” The chorus, in particular, underscores the premise that, in the end, only one can truly break themselves.

With great musicality, Green’s astounding melody pulls us into a state of calmness. What’s lovely about “Thief” is unarguably the gorgeous piano chords, but the cello also struck exactly the perfect nerve with us, making you desire to listen to the song over and over again to ensure you don’t miss out on any of the gems you hadn’t heard yet. “Thief” is an emotive piano ballad, a style that wonderfully enhances the lyrical theme. The piano provides an engulfing background for Green’s captivating vocals, and the production is pristine, permitting the raw, unfiltered passion in her voice to take center stage, making us fall even more in love with the song. This song, in my opinion, stands out as a unique and emotionally charged ballad that deserves its own place in the spotlight.

In conclusion, Emily Nichole Green’s “Thief” is a work of emotional narrative. With profound lyrics, passionate vocals, and an emotive piano ballad, it’s a song that needs to be acknowledged and appreciated. Green’s emotional experience and musical aptitude position her as a genuine and compelling artist, and “Thief” clarifies her ability to impact and urge her audience. As for her upcoming debut EP, ‘Outrunning The Animal,’ which has previously been mentioned, it’s an arrangement of five songs that display her range as an artist. From the pop-infused “It’s Gonna Be Okay” to the bluesy and jazzy “Wreckage,” she takes listeners on a genre-defying journey, with each song exposing a different facet of her talent. The EP will be launched on October 30 and is sure to make waves in the music world. But already, it’s available for pre-order on her website. Let’s show support fam!

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