With the release of his single “Selfish Bitch” on October 31, 2023, singer-songwriter Jason Shand makes a name for himself as an artist on the streets of New York City with a unique voice and a weighty message. With influences varying from Elbow to U2 and Peter Gabriel, Shand’s musical prowess shines through as he collaborates with keyboardist John Roggie to create a lively composition that expertly mixes electronic beats and rock rhythms to create a loud tapestry to go along with his reflective lyrics.

“Selfish Bitch” grabs us from the outset with its electric guitar line and the electronic drum loop. The opening words, “Sometimes I wonder if you know. But choose to look the other way. Sometimes I wish I could read your mind. And find all the answers,” delights us right away, laying the mood for a pensive journey into the subtleties of human interaction. With these words, Shand draws us into a world where emotions wave like an uneven tide. His vocals, delivered with conversational intimacy, entice us into a complex web of emotions. And he has this amazing ability to use his soft voice tones to express both sadness and empathy. The poetic story develops like a moving dialogue, offering opportunities for understanding and personal reflection.

The title, “Selfish Bitch,” may initially sound confrontational, but as the lyrics go, it becomes clear that Shand is looking at the idea that a self-centered person may be hiding a deeper story behind the surface. The artwork for the single implies the underlying concept of understanding and redemption with its common emblem of forgiveness. As the song progresses, the lyrics become more thoughtful and humane as they tackle the topic at hand. “I know you hurt, ’cause when you’re hurting, I can feel it too. I know you ache, ’cause when you’re aching, I am aching too,” he confesses, unraveling the complex emotional web that ties people together.

About the production of “Selfish Bitch,” Shand and his keyboardist, John Roggie worked together, which is evidence of their zeal for authenticity. The smooth fusion of the rock and electronic beats produces a fluid pulse that complements the emotional core of the song. “Selfish Bitch” is an instrumental journey through many soundscapes. The bass, flown in from Shand’s bassist’s home studio in New York City, offers a steady beat that grounds the music, while the electronic and rock sounds swirl around the passionate vocals. The outcome is a varied soundscape that reflects the depth of human feeling defined in the lyrics.

Overall, Jason Shand’s “Selfish Bitch” is a healing experience that serves as a mirror, displaying the nuanced nature of social relationships. As a singer, songwriter, and recording artist, Jason Shand has produced a song that connects with anybody who has dealt with the difficulties of understanding and forgiving others. He stands out as a maestro, telling stories of openness and forgiveness through the strings of his musical soul.

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