Sniper Gang’s Syko Bob and Kodak Black join forces on “My Lil Sh*t.”

Kodak Black is building the Sniper Gang team up these days. Though his label’s faced many ups and downs since its inception, it appears that much of Yak’s efforts in recent times have been put towards re-establishing his label. Projects like Sniper Gang Presents Syko Bob & Snapkatt: Nightmare Babies allowed Yak’s artists to shine through his own name. Though both Syko Bob and Snapkatt delivered stand-out performances, the inclusion of “Super Gremlin” and “Killin The Rats” undoubtedly helped attract more eyes.

Syko Bob has continued to keep his foot on the gas since the project’s release, though we haven’t received a full-length project from him since 2021’s Syk The Snipe Vol. 1. He came through with a string of releases throughout 2022 including “Civilized” and “Sumthin To Believe” as his profile grew. Though he’s currently incarcerated, it appears that Yak and the Sniper Gang crew are keeping his name alive with their latest release.

This week, Sniper Gang unveiled the latest from Syko Bob, “My Lil Shit” ft. Kodak Black. This time, the two dish out an unconventional banger that delves into loyalty and romance. Youngin’ Chriso cooks up a chilling instrumental that boasts icy piano keys that clash with bluesy guitar accents. Meanwhile, Syko Bob and Kodak Black reminisce about holding it down for their love interests during the worst times.

“My Lil Shit” is another solid example of Syko Bob’s talents that carry the gritty storytelling of the Southern legends that came before him. Meanwhile, Kodak Black continues to prove that he’s one of the most consistent rappers in the game, and has been since he emerged. Even with Syko Bob’s incarceration, it appears that there could be even more music in the stash that Kodak could be readying to unload at some point soon. Check their new collab below.

Notable Lyrics
I’m sensitive about you, my n***a sensitive ‘bout me
A bitch say something crazy, my n***a tearin’ up the street
I’m sensitive ‘bout you, they say you for the street
Tell me what street she from so I could tear it up