It’s a rare honor and utter thrill to delve once more into the aural realm crafted by the dynamic duo of Jordana Moon and Tom Aries. Their latest offering, “Don’t Feed the Demons,” released just in time for the Halloween season, defies expectations, embracing an unusual combination of seductive electronic pop, trip-hop undertones, and a sci-fi ambiance. Immersion in this aural experience seems like entering a twilight zone, where the lines between reality and the metaphysical blur. Discovering Moon and Aries’s composition as a reviewer is a sensory journey unlike any other. Their ability to create music that is not only heard but also felt is a credit to their talent. With “Don’t Feed the Demons,” they take us to a world where courage and dedication are your allies against the most ferocious of opponents. Let’s learn more!

“Don’t Feed the Demons,” from the very first notes, shrouds us in an enigmatic and haunting atmosphere. The instrumental arrangement is a seductive blend of electronic pop and trip-hop elements that seems both futuristic and timeless, laying the groundwork for what’s to come. Jordana Moon’s ethereal vocals gracefully emerge with the lines, “A hunger for my mind. Invitation of lonely cries,” drawing us into the song while hinting at the challenges we all experience in coping with our problems and desires. Her voice, like a whisper in the dark, is packed with emotion and vulnerability. It’s as if she’s inviting us to accompany her on a journey into the depths of the human soul. This testifies that the lyrics are not mere words; they are an incantation, calling us to confront our inner demons with courage and conviction. Her delivery is unique, as she sings with passion and clarity, allowing listeners from all walks of life to grasp every word she utters. Those, in my opinion, are the finest features of a song. It increases interest in the song and demonstrates the artist’s expertise in writing good music.

The song’s theme revolves around the ideas of resilience, defiance, and a will to keep one’s integrity and freedom in the face of challenges. Moon and Aries express these emotions through expressive and severe lyrics, resulting in a song that connects with anyone confronting personal challenges and seeking to uphold inner strength. The line “Don’t feed the demons” works as a potent mantra, urging us to fight negative influences that jeopardize our well-being and authenticity. Lines such as “A hunger for my mind” and “Kissing with cruel intentions” depict inner conflict, while the chorus “I can’t feed the demons inside of me” underlines the need to not allow negative influences to overpower one’s spirit. Also, the employment of “blades, soul, and pride” represents the means and inner strength on which the character depends to protect oneself against these threats. This message urges us to identify and oppose toxic influences in our lives, to safeguard our sense of self, and to reject those who wish to imprison or control us.

Speaking of the production, the song’s upbeat combined with its catchy melody transforms it into an anthem of strength and determination for anybody facing similar challenges. Tom Aries’ composition and production skills shine through, with a fusion of electronic and trip-hop ingredients producing a chilling yet appealing soundtrack. The music envelops you, like a sci-fi soundtrack for a journey into the unexplored. The magical marriage of Moon’s lyrics and Aries’ instruments transforms emotions into musical gold. These add depth, making the track rich and immersive. But it’s Jordan’s vocals that take the spotlight. Potent, eloquent, and drenched with emotion, she belts out each word with genuine passion, resulting in an exciting and cathartic experience. Tom Aries and the team excelled themselves! Chris Kung mixed the track, while Francois Rocheleau mastered it.

Overall, Moon and Aries’ “Don’t Feed the Demons” is a compelling and emotionally charged track that explores the conflict between inner and outward darkness, ultimately emphasizing the imperative of self-preservation and maintaining one’s sense of self. As I listened, my senses intensified, and I was transported to a realm where inner demons are confronted head-on. The song’s mesmerizing blend of vocals, performance, lyrics, and production weaves a spell that is tough to break. With every note, it’s a reminder that, just as the song suggests, confronting our inner darkness is the first step toward positive change.

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