Cotuit-based Jade Moede is a drummer, vocalist, and composer who loves creating music with his exceptional composition skills. His ability to package a song in such a way that it is so pleasant to listen to is amazing, with his lovely creativity showing through. His most recent single, “Enjoy The Ride,” which was published on February 10th, is a highly dynamic and riveting song about life’s ups and downs, and how it’s critical to enjoy every step along the way, whether the objective is accomplished or not. In approaching the manager Vicky, the main character in the song wants recognition for his efforts and desires to share his message with the rest of the world. Let me tell you more about the music, so sit back and “Enjoy The Ride.”

Starting with riveting acoustic guitar riffs that are tremendously fascinating, Jade Moede’s vocals set in about 10 seconds from the song’s opening and make the song even more enchanting. The way his rather appealing vocals flow over the acoustic sound is just stunning, as is the way the kick drums come collectively to enhance his vocals. They are powerful and propel the music, lending a fun and different dimension of variety and excitement. Now, with a similarly impressive vocal performance, the lyrics uplift and encourage us to cherish every step of life’s path, even if we don’t know where it’s taking us. Moede delivers impassioned and emotional hits that strike direct from the heart.

The lyrics of this song are significantly personal and universal, crafting a tale of fortitude and optimism with an overarching concept that revolves around the idea of appreciating the trip rather than being focused on the goal. Apart from being gorgeously written, it tells us that life is a voyage full of little steps and that even if our dreams do not come true, it is still worthwhile to keep going forward and enjoying the ride. The horse’s galloping and neigh at the end of the song lend an aspect of power and strength to the song’s message of fortitude and persistence.

In terms of instrumentation, the song soars with harmonizing and a rhythm that captures its hopeful message, with a blend of acoustic guitars, percussion, and strings that create a rich and textured sound. Everything is in flawless harmony. The aural aspects are particularly appealing to me. They lend a level of complexity to the music that leaves me wanting more.

Overall, “Enjoy The Ride” is a well-crafted and extremely potent piece of music that will appeal to anyone who has ever faced life’s challenges. It serves as a reminder to keep moving, to enjoy the journey, at least and to never give up on our dreams. It’s a message we all need to hear now and then, and this song communicates it with honesty and sincerity. I think Jade Moede has a promising future, and it would be great to hear some of his excellent songs again. “Enjoy The Ride” is the music for you if you need a little sunlight to raise your mood.

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