“Call It Art” is the new single by Israeli singer-songwriter Pini Gurfil, who is recognized for writing soft rock, acoustic rock, and jazz-pop songs and has won two Hebrew poetry book prizes. Pini’s compositions emphasize exceptional lyrics tempered with seamless musical interventions, and this new single “Call It Art” is unparalleled, really defining his craft.

The song, “Call It Art” begins incredibly well with piano and acoustic guitar notes creating a lovely atmosphere and ultimately becoming absorbing. Pini Gurfil’s gentle vocals, which produce eerie emotions as he sings, allow the music to flow quickly and pleasantly in the listeners’ minds. Apart from being a pleasant and calm tune from the start, which builds to a dazzling crescendo, “Call It Art” is a combination of soothing, rich, and nourishing layers of melody that would offer everyone who listens to it a flawless feeling of relaxation.

“Call It Art”  is a song Pini created as a dedication to music production.  He is dedicated to how music alters thoughts, minds, hopes, and emotions, as well as his sarcastic quip on the collaborative work process with his music producer, Tom Goldstein who appears on this track. With Pini Gurfil and Tom Goldstein’s hypnotic voices on this composition that is not only wonderfully performed but also has an utterly fascinating influence on our emotions, I am firmly certain we can “Call It Art” with the distinct lyricism and profundity of musicianship.

Overall, “Call It Art” is one of the few memorable ballads that can be readily recalled and sung. It has a powerful beat that can pull listeners along, making the song captivating. Both performers’ vocals are engaging, soulful, and emotional, which strengthens the entire vibe of the song both vocally and instrumentally, making it unique with revenue value. “Call It Art” is a work of art that everyone should appreciate.

Listen to “Call It Art” by Pini Gurfil on Spotify, watch the video with the link below, and let us know your thoughts. Cheers!

Notable Lyrics
The glare of our own wishes
Returns to spark the night
Minds have been uncovered
By some breaking-free new heart
People call it madness
But we will call it art
We will call it art

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