Oh my! What could be sweeter than the “Same” delightful songs from David Benson, a San Francisco-based singer-songwriter/multi-instrumentalist known in the music industry as Said Sara. Hearing of him in 2022 with his single “Sea,” Said Sara has always been a notable musician to me with the showcasing of his proficiency in alt-folk acoustic compositions. His most recent song, “Same,” which came out on February 10th of this year, reveals my admiration for him. It’s an emotional and dark folk tune that will certainly captivate listeners’ hearts with Said Sara’s peculiar sound and poetic storytelling. Keep reading as I’m excited to share my opinions on this precious gem with you.

To get things started, Said Sara’s “Same” unlocks with soothing and flavorful tones based on alt-folk aesthetics and merged with an infectious timeless mellow melody that serves as the perfect opener to any song some of us have heard. The guitars are outstanding, seamlessly shifting between gorgeous soft sounds and chords. Said Sara’s vocals are also vibrant, soulful, and expressive, ranging from delicate falsettos to strong belting. The result is a genuine yet polished performance that captures the whole emotional gamut of the song while remaining profoundly irrefutable, with each note bearing an almost tangible weight as the lyrics allude to the common struggle of seeking meaning and purpose in a world that can feel callous and harsh at times. The instrumentation is similarly remarkable, with each component lending a layer of depth to the composition, particularly the banjo.

In terms of meaning, “Same” is a song about transformation, self-discovery, and the emotional journey that goes along with it. The lyrics are heartfelt and thoughtful, with each word selected with care to express a message of hope and perseverance. The imagery of the song is similarly striking, conjuring up pictures of vast fields and dark tunnels to reflect the light and dark periods in life. Far from its significance, the song covered a vision that drew me in and held me there the entire time, while the wonderful lyrics aided me in moving on and leaving the past behind. The song’s power stems from the fervent, intelligent composition.

Overall, “Same” is a lovely and meaningful tune that demonstrates Said Sara’s talent to create intelligent songs. The melody and lyrics are nicely highlighted by the arrangement and placement of each production item, making the song extremely commendable. He sang and performed with enthusiasm, making the song enjoyable and the audience experience the emotions depicted in the song.

Listen to “Same” by Said Sara on Spotify or SoundCloud and let us know your thoughts.

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