Rileyy Lanez, a Bronx native, has already began building an outstanding career for herself, from working on the extended version of “Part of the Game” with 50 Cent and NLE Choppa to prepping for the release of her upcoming Bittersweet EP.

Along with the joyful announcement that the project will premiere on December 2nd, the R&B singer has released a tune called “Can’t Deny” on which her wonderful voice shines. “Sometimes you have to remind people what they missed, even if they’ve lost it,” she remarked of the song.

“You can’t deny, you’re one of a kind / You can’t deny, the love that I gave you / Runnin’ on your head without even tryin’ / Faithful instead when I could’ve played you,” she gently sings on the track’s chorus, which runs two minutes and fourteen seconds.

It’s unknown what to expect from Lanez’s future album, but other recent releases from the young singer include “One of Them Nights,” “Blessings,” “4U,” and “When I See You (Lamont’s Song)” – a homage to her late father, who was killed by gun violence more than six years ago.

Beautiful Mistakes, The New Yorker’s debut EP, was released in 2020 and featured her original hit song, “I’m Leaving,” as well as other titles like “Foul Play” and “Left 4 Me.”

Rileyy Lanez’s artwork is shaping up to leave an unmistakably authentic impact on the business as she becomes older, wiser, and more mature.

Stream “Can’t Deny” on Spotify or Apple Music below, and find more recommendations for you on our weekly R&B Season playlist here.

Notable Lyrics:

We playin’ on my mind
You say that you’re the truth but you’ve been a lie
More than qualified, you can’t replace my spot
I made you top, gave you all the time