Thursday , December 7 2023

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Podge Lane’s Winter Reverie: A Dual Ode to Joy and Woe in “Snow/Hailstone” Release

Podge Lane, an alt-country legend from Cork, Ireland, has returned to the spotlight with a double A-side record that captures the spirit of winter’s incongruity. Lane takes us on a musical journey through the serene beauty and unexpected obstacles of the winter months with “Snow” and “Hailstone,” displaying his talent as a singer-songwriter profoundly entrenched …

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Review Of Podge Lane’s “Battle Wounds”

Podge Lane, from Cork City, Ireland, is a folk and alt-country singer with a distinct authorial voice that breathes charm into his performances by combining honest lyricism with exploratory instrumentation. Podge began to independently create music with debut tracks such as “The Dark” and “Move On,” and we now have …

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