Let’s welcome a new collective to the stage, folks, and prepare to be swept away by a soundscape both familiar and refreshingly unique! Hailing from Victoria, British Columbia, The Kyle Jordan Project is the brainchild of multi-instrumentalist Kyle Jordan, who, along with vocalists Greg Van Kerkhof and Katie Burke, embarks on a journey to explore the complexities of love and loss through the power of music. Buckle up, because their debut single, “Loved By You,” is a masterclass in melancholic beauty that not only showcases the band’s remarkable talent but also delves into themes of love, loss, and the bittersweet reminiscence of past connections.

As the first rays of melody break through, “Loved By You” unfolds like a tale whispered in the winds of time. The twangy guitars, reminiscent of a lonely cowboy’s lament, beckon us into a world where love’s embrace is both a sanctuary and a storm. This seemingly innocent intro takes a sharp turn with the gut-wrenching lyrics: “Cocaine and whiskey / Don’t kick like they used to do” where we’re thrown into the world of the Greg Van, grappling with the hollowness left by a love that’s faded. He takes the first half of the song, his voice a potent blend of weariness and longing. His vocals are a perfect blend of grit and tenderness, conveying the rawness of the protagonist’s emotional state.

But “Loved By You” isn’t just Greg’s show. The arrival of Katie Burke is a revelation, and let me tell you, she steals the show. Her voice is captivating, brimming with a quiet strength that complements Greg’s perfectly. When she took over with lyrics like “Thought I was a joker / In the cards that you’d been dealt / Yeah the ace in your pocket / ‘Til I lost my sense of self,” I couldn’t help but feel for her character. It resonated with me, as I have contorted myself to fit someone else’s mold. Greg and Katie, both created a vocal tapestry as rich and intricate as the music itself. Their delivery was phenomenal, infusing the track with an authenticity that left me hanging on to every word.

Now, the instrumentation in “Loved By You” deserves its standing ovation. It’s a masterclass in roots music, seamlessly blending blues, country, rock, and folk influences. Think of it as a sonic tapestry woven with the raw energy of blues, the storytelling soul of country, the driving force of rock, and the introspective intimacy of folk. The result is a captivating soundscape that perfectly complements the emotional weight of the lyrics. And if the song wasn’t enough to pull you in, the music video takes the emotional depth to a whole new level. It depicts a story of estranged lovers, their faces etched with pain as they reminisce about moments of togetherness while the rain pours down, mirroring the storm within them.

Overall, “Loved By You” isn’t just a love song; it’s a journey through the wreckage of a broken relationship. It’s a song about addiction, self-discovery, and the enduring pain of loss. The Kyle Jordan Project has arrived with a bang, offering a powerful debut that promises much more to come. If this is just the beginning for this group, then the music world is in for a treat!

Listen to “Loved By You” by The Kyle Jordan Project on Spotify, watch the video with the above link, and let us know your thoughts.

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