Following the success of their debut song, “Best Days,” The Project, led by California rock veteran James Davis, has released their second track, “Over You,” a heartfelt and powerful anthem that beats the confines of traditional rock. The track, dropped on December 8, 2023, is a testament to Davis’ growth from his earlier days with Shameless, displaying a style that perfectly mixes the raw fury of metal with the emotive pull of pop.
We get a smooth blend of drum-based rock with an organic feel of glistering guitars right from the start. This combination results in a unique sound environment that keeps us surprised from beginning to end. Aside from that,

“Over You” opens with a gut punch, with the lines “The way you looked at me has long gone faded, but you could always just say goodbye” sung with Jeff Plant’s usual rawness, painting a picture of love once alive, now a ghost haunting the corners of memory. Plant’s vocals, however, steal the show. He deftly navigates the song’s emotional terrain, his voice rising throughout the hopeful choruses and cracking with emotion in the lyrics.

Lyrically, “Over You” conveys the ups and downs of a toxic relationship, with the highs fulfilling and the lows soul-crushing. The lyrics say, hanging to the flames of hope: “So take a minute; if you just listened, then you’d see, there’s nothing that we couldn’t be.” It’s an urgent plea, a prayer whispered through clenched teeth, an affirmation of the human heart’s dedication even in the face of emotional loss. Instead of giving up on you, the song rises into a defiant chorus: “I don’t wanna give up on you anymore; you drive me crazy but I can’t get out of you.” This is the heart of “Over You,” the desperate hope holding to the ruins of a relationship!

Musically, “Over You” is rock ‘n’ roll at its best, a dynamic mix of driving drumming (courtesy of Pump5’s Andre Bonter), Jeff Plant’s soaring vocals (Shameless’ power plant recharged), and James Davis’s guitar riffs that strike like sonic lightning. The production is clean and clear, allowing each instrument to breathe fire while staying unified. It’s a song that screams to be played loud, with the windows down and the wind blowing through your hair as you scream along with Davis.

Overall, “Over You” is a melodious picture of a relationship on the verge of collapse. It’s a story of hope in the face of grief, a testament to love’s tenacity even when it burns brightest in the face of doubt. It’s The Project’s firm declaration that rock ‘n’ roll isn’t just about rebellion and anger; it’s about the raw vulnerability that lies at the heart of every human connection. So turn up the volume, let the guitars wash ‘over you,’ and lose yourself in the chorus of a love that refuses to die. “Over You” by The Project is a fireball of rock salvation, and it’s only the beginning of a promising journey.

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