Let’s buckle up, fellow music lovers! The Vanities, a dynamic electro-rock duo from Cardiff, are about to take us on a genre-bending road trip with their upcoming single “Just Passing Thru,” dropping on April 19th, 2024. Known for their electrifying live shows and acclaimed tracks like “London” and “Private Army,” Rhys Bradley (vocals/guitar) and Adam Hill (bass/synths) are ready to surprise us yet again with a double dose of this infectious song. The single boasts two distinct flavors: a heartfelt country ballad on the A-side and a pulsating, contemporary pop remix on the AA. Let’s delve into each of these sonic journeys.

The A-Side

The song opens with a simple declaration: “Well, there’s not much that I want or need.” Bradley’s opening lines set a tone of quiet contentment, a man grateful for the basics: breath in his lungs, a burning heart, and good company. This intro perfectly prepares you for a sentimental journey, a country ballad brimming with introspection.
Then comes the magic—Bob Fitzgerald’s vocals. Soothing and rich, they weave seamlessly with the twangy guitar and the soulful backing vocals of The Epoch House Gospel Choir. The production is a masterclass in subtle beauty; gentle piano flourishes, steady drums, and the pedal steel guitar’s weeping cry create a melancholic and hopeful soundscape.

Fitzgerald delivers the lyrics with a lived-in honesty, particularly in lines like “Got to take the rough with the smooth in this game.” It’s a song about resilience, about holding onto love even when faced with challenges. There’s a quiet strength in his voice, a testament to the enduring human spirit.

The AA-Side

While the A-side tugs at your heartstrings, the Jammy Remix on the AA side explodes with energy. This is where The Vanities’ electro-rock roots take center stage. The remix infuses the country melody with driving beats, funky bass lines, and rock-inspired guitar riffs. It’s a complete transformation, taking the song’s core message—living life to the fullest—and wrapping it in a vibrant, contemporary pop package. It’s a testament to The Vanities’ versatility as musicians. They can deliver a heart-wrenching ballad and then turn around and create a dance-floor anthem, all while staying true to the song’s emotional core.

Although both versions are fantastic, they offer entirely different experiences. The A-side is a warm hug on a cold night, while the Jammy Remix is a shot of espresso in the morning. The beauty of “Just Passing Thru” is that it caters to both sides of the musical spectrum, showcasing The Vanities’ ability to excel in both genres. Whether you’re a country music devotee or a pop enthusiast, “Just Passing Thru” offers something for everyone. It’s a testament to the power of music to transcend genre barriers and connect with listeners on an emotional level. So, let’s get ready for a ride, The Vanities are here to show us that the greatest journeys are often the ones that surprise us the most.

Listen to “Just Passing Thru” by The Vanities on SoundCloud and let us know your thoughts.

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