Today’s blog spotlight is on Stefan Celtic, an entrepreneur, computer scientist, ethical hacker, and fusion guitarist all rolled into one. In case you didn’t know, the fusion guitar is a high-tech electric guitar music instrument. Stefan Celtic’s style of music is conventionally described as synth, which is an electronic musical instrument that generates a sound that sends out diverse signals from a synthesizer and suits him well as a pastime. If you’re not conversant with his work, you might be familiar with Depeche Mode, a rock band committed to exploring new realms of post-punk and electronic soundscapes. Stefan’s song “Human” was released on June 6, 2023, and this is what we’re discussing today. Stay open and enjoy this sparkling review of mine.

Human” begins in an encompassing style and progresses to be clear-cut and lovely as it is layered with many sorts of live instruments and sounds majestic to the ears. The lyrics are influential, with lines like “If you hear me, show some compassion, my crime is being human.” These are emotive and tug at heartstrings. Stefan’s performance of the song is soulful and lovely, and his vocals complement the different tones of the background instruments. His lyrics are basic, easy to understand, and to the point, giving the simple message of acceptance and forgiveness with lovely piano flourishes and a steady and calm tempo that allows the listener to easily absorb the meaning of the song. The lyrics are also thoughtfully geared up, with an emphasis on relatability, and performed with such conviction that they lend a layer of intensity to the music.

At its core, “Human” preaches forgiveness and acceptance, but it is also a deep reflection of society as a whole and how we are quick to condemn one another based on previous misdeeds. The lyrics depict a person presumably on trial, going to be sentenced several times, and the song was his or her final attempt to win compassion from bystanders or judges, a last appeal if you will. The lyrics have a strong message and represent the persona’s bleak circumstances. It’s a tune for introspection and profound thinking, musically comparable to the adage “To err is human, to forgive is divine.” I appreciate Stefan for sharing such an important and impactful message with the rest of the world. This song is incredibly emotive and will cause many people to take a breath and consider situations, asking themselves, “What if it were me?” since the song supports the notion of giving individuals a second opportunity when they make mistakes because it is human nature. This thematic approach enables a compelling narrative that draws the listener on several levels.

In terms of sound, the combination of electronics and live instruments is a stroke of genius that distinguishes “Human” from the present music scene. The marriage of a classic retro style reminiscent of the famous Depeche Mode with a fresh and innovative approach guarantees that the song retains its originality and relevancy. On the other side, it confirms Stefan’s remarkable composing and production aptitudes. It draws attention to the complex nuances of the arrangement, and the balance between synthesizers and live instruments is skillfully done, enabling each part to shine while retaining a unified sound.

Overall, “Human” is a great piece that glows in terms of lyrical skill, musical execution, and thematic depth. It expertly mixes inspirations from the old synth-pop period, notably Depeche Mode, while infusing it with a distinct and current touch. Fans of thoughtful and intellectual music will enjoy this tune, which takes a deep dive into the nuances of the “Human” experience. It’s a highly recommended song since it fits well into any playlist that may help one feel better and improve themselves and how they treat another “Human.” It’s a gripping and immersive musical trip, thanks to its deep lyrics and enticing combination of electronics and real instrumentation.

Listen to “Human” by Stefan Certic on Spotify or SoundCloud and let us know your thoughts.