Aggressive Soccer Moms is a Stockholm, Sweden-based Lo-Fi Post Punk duet. The band was founded in 2018 by Anders Bergström and Thomas Wahlström. Both have their origins in the early punk movement of the late 1970s. With their preparations for their next album, “ASM” released a brand new song named “It’s Not Love” on May 13th this year, which comes across as a catchy track with a steady tempo and atmospheric guitars that, from what my limited brain can grasp, reflects what “ASM” stands for.

“It’s Not Love” is a classic post-punk song with snappy lead guitar riffs and even more addictive harmonies. There’s also a fantastic guitar solo and exciting, dancey beats. The confluence of all of these elements results in an indie summer ballad. Along with the singing, the gloomy mood created by Aggressive Soccer Moms in “It’s Not Love” immerses listeners in their realm.

With its 80s-inspired music and Bergström’s wonderfully appealing voice, “It’s Not Love” immediately evokes nostalgia. The tune comes to life with melancholy lyrics that criticize the absence of much-needed feeling, accompanied by a solid rhythm beat and electric guitars.

‘ASM’ ushers us into their distinctive realm of 80s vibes and fusion notions, complete with grinding guitars and a whimpering monotone. Their song is a slamming, powerful number that rises and smashes as any good, solid post-punk song should. Even though lyrics stay in your mind for the duration of the song, the chorus is where it all comes crashing down. Their unique sound is defined by thrashing drumming and chained melodic riffs. I am confident that if the team continues to display this proficiency and amazing composition, they will be considered geniuses.

Listen to “It’s Not Love” by Aggressive Soccer Moms on Spotify and let us know what you think.