Some people possess a natural talent for capturing raw emotions in their lyrics, conveying them with a charm that resonates deeply. Amanda Holley, a 5-octave vocal range artist from New York City, is one such artist. Her latest single, “Seasoning” released on June 28 showcases this golden gift. With a voice that lights up souls, this multi-racial musician, and Grammy Recording Academy Member has been a beacon of musical brilliance since her enthralling track, “Press Play,” captivated us last November. Her evolution from that moment to now has been spectacular, blossoming into an artist whose every note resonates with depth and emotion. Now, let’s have a taste of this new ‘seasoning.’

From the very first note, the song envelops us in a lush soundscape that is both immersive and tantalizing. It opens with a sultry, urban pop beat that sets a perfect stage for Amanda’s sensual vocals to glide in like a gentle breeze, carrying whispers of soulful melodies that captivate the senses. Amanda’s voice, rich and soulful, traverses the track with an intimacy that feels almost like a private confession. Her voice is divine! As she delivers each line, we can feel the depth of her passion and the strength of her emotion. Her vocal performance is a masterclass in control and expressiveness, effortlessly blending the rich, soft tones remindful of legacy soul singers with a modern, urban cadence. She slayed this, oh my God!

Moving on, the theme of “Seasoning” revolves around the nuances and flavors of love, mirroring the complexities of a romantic relationship. Amanda, alongside her talented co-writers GC and Emmilienne Bellaire, infuses the track with an authenticity that makes it relatable yet profoundly unique. The lyrics are poetic and vivid, painting a picture of a love that is both sweet and spicy, tender and intense. It is wrapped in metaphors that evoke the essence of spice and flavor, perfectly complementing the song’s title. Every note is imbued with a heartfelt sincerity that resonates deeply, making it feel as if she’s singing directly to us.

Instrumentation plays a crucial role in elevating “Seasoning” to its full potential. The production, by the 4x GRAMMY-winning Andre Fennell aka GC “GATE CITIZENS” is lush and intricate, featuring a blend of traditional R&B elements with contemporary pop influences. The rhythm section provides a solid foundation with its groovy bass lines and crisp percussion, while the subtle yet effective use of ambient sounds adds a layer of sophistication to the track. The result is an anthem that is both sultry and lively, inviting us to lose ourselves in its rhythm and melody.

Overall, “Seasoning” to me, is one of the best songs ever written and performed. It’s a celebration of femininity, a showcase of vocal prowess, and a testament to Amanda Holley’s undeniable talent. This track not only reaffirms her place in the music world but also promises even greater things to come. As someone who has been deeply touched by her music since hearing “Press Play,” I can attest to her remarkable growth as an artist. She has evolved into a singer-songwriter with a unique voice and an undeniable presence. So, let her soulful voice wash over you, and savor the flavor of “Seasoning.” It’s a melodic masterpiece that will leave you craving more.

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