With their new track “Homesick,” Los Angeles-based band Love Ghost delivers a powerful melody that encapsulates and clarifies our hard times. The song continues a streak of single releases by the band that has been acclaimed by Rolling Stone, American Songwriter, FLAUNT, Alternative Press, and others. “Lovesick,” which lasts 3 minutes and 6 seconds, was released on November 11th and has already received 37k Spotify plays and it’s just their second Cleopatra Records release.

With seductive vocals right from the start, the rich acoustic guitar notes enhance and give credence to the song and swiftly steal our emotions. The elegant and soulful vocals given on top of the serene and simple guitar tempo give the song an actual kind of purity in the singing, giving it a smoother ride and making it beautiful. “Homesick” uses simple melodies to create a sense of nostalgia with the acoustic delight that fills our emotions with everything it has to offer, particularly the introspective lyrics that contribute to the appeal and satisfaction.

With its stunning combination of components that all psychics would like, “Homesick” is about a person’s journey to understand themselves and also about actually losing someone. The lyrics also center on the issue of depression and other psychological difficulties, as well as a way of escaping from it. The topics are discussed exceptionally; for me, it is the most significant aspect of the song that distinguishes it. Every listener will find something to associate with.

Overall, “Homesick” features captivating tones that can be classified as acoustic, pleasant, harmonious, and soothing, making it one of my favorite tunes right now. It has all a song should have in terms of reinvigorating clarity and beauty that will make you feel alive. The production is perfect, and the music is extremely soothing to the ears. The instruments are beautifully arranged and add a profound effect to the music. “Homesick” is a wonderful song that deserves to be listened to by millions.

Listen to “Homesick” by Love Ghost on Spotify or SoundCloud and let us know your thoughts. Cheers!

Notable Lyrics
I feel like nothing, but at least nothing’s something
I’m tired of running, I need something to numb me
What’s the use of knowing it all, when everything you know is wrong
I used to know what to say, I used to know what to do but now my mind is gone


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