Annakye, the sensational Australian Central Coast alt-rock band, is making waves in the music world with their latest and third single, “Ocean.” This grunge rock gem, released on October 13, gives a rare gaze into the stormy terrain of love, delivered by the band’s two captivating lead singers, Lukas and Cameron. Annakye’s unique sound is even made better by their collaboration with legendary audio engineer Brent Kolatalo, known for his work with prominent artists such as Taylor Swift, Janet Jackson, and Jay Z. The band’s dynamic grouping includes Joel on drums, Richard on guitar, Carlos on bass, and Ben on guitar. Let’s dive into the ‘ocean’ and feel what it has to offer!

It was astonishing how “Ocean” began. It launched with an infusion of energy, overflowing with powerful sounds that swiftly impress you with their intriguing charm, and the unique sound sets the tone for an entirely immersive experience with a compelling combination of distorted guitar and synthesizers. Lukas and Cameron’s vocals drift in, naturally flowing against a backdrop of ingenious musical compositions. Their voices embody the grunge music ethos, expressing their feelings in a pretty, almost primal way. Cameron’s vocals give a melodic antithesis, creating a beautiful contrast that lingers long after the song’s end, while Lukas offers a hard intensity, recalling the discordant beauty that defines grunge. Their harmonies are excellent, bringing depth and intricacy to the story. What really piques my interest is the band’s performance, which is an excellent example of a symphony of passion and authenticity. Each member puts their heart and soul into their respective roles, producing a unified and immersive sonic experience.

Lyrically, “Ocean” goes deep into the intricate and often stormy nature of love and relationships. The theme is perfectly represented by the title, which draws comparisons between the ever-changing waves of the ‘ocean’ and the emotional fluctuations experienced inside the complex dance of love. The lyrics clearly depict a relationship’s unstable journey, mirroring the uncertainty and elegance of the ocean. The song captures the varying moods of love, from serene and sweet moments to turbulent and roaring feelings, much like the ocean’s. The sheer intensity portrayed by Annakye’s performance is apparent, elevating “Ocean” into a breathtaking, ecstatic journey into the depths of human emotions.

The instrumentation of Annakye’s “Ocean” is the pinnacle of grunge rock. Joel’s unflinching drumming drives the rhythm forward, much like pounding waves against a rock. The chaotic nature of the sea is embodied by Richard and Ben’s guitar work, which transitions from melodious waves to bursting tempests, while Carlos’s bass offers a solid foundation, much like the ocean floor. The band also made a great decision by joining hands with audio engineer Brent Kolatalo. Give them their flowers, please! The production of “Ocean” is parfait, merging grunge’s raw strength with a refined shine. Every instrument is crisp and harmoniously intertwined.

In a nutshell, Annakye’s “Ocean” is a potent, grunge-rock anthem that embodies the vitality of the ocean, giving a gripping emotional journey through the unstable vibrations of love. This song demonstrates their musical aptitude, passion for creativity, and knack for creating a sonic experience that reflects the constant flux of love and the sea. “Ocean” is a must-listen for fans of alt-rock and grunge, and Annakye is a band to watch as they ride the sonic waves to a greater depth

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