22-year-old BLOODCAT is an independent rapper and producer from St. Louis, Missouri, who only began releasing songs professionally in 2021, yet has given considerably different and new flows to the hip-hop and trap scene thanks to his uncommon track varieties. On his tracks, he displays remarkable production talents and soft vocals, creating gripping acoustics, just as he did with “catcall$ 4 (director’s cut)”, a 12-track album he released on December 23rd last year. “catcall$ 4 (director’s cut)”  plays for a total of 33 minutes and 1 second, now let’s get started with it.

BLOODCAT kicks off the album with the first track “charcuterie,” which starts pleasantly with a groovy tune and the laid down rhythm. “charcuterie” is an extremely solid track with a captivating beat and flawless flow, while the lyrics strike hard on the thundering yet lively beat with a design aesthetic that enhances each other to produce a comprehensive and delightful listening experience. BLOODCAT’s energy and fluidity are outstanding, as we see him playing off his passion. With such a lovely beat sequence, the bass line perfectly matches the melody. Following this comes the second single “picture purrfect,” which begins with a relaxed and serene feel that completely immerses us in the song’s ambiance. It is introduced by female vocals as well as some hypnotic piano riffs before BLOODCAT’s expertly delivered vocals reflect the track’s ethos. The instrumentation does an excellent job of reflecting and conveying the track’s drive to life through a variety of contrasts. These provide a beautiful dimension to the overall atmosphere.

“vip” is the album’s third single, and the way it begins is stunning and grippingly amazing. It’s a cheerful and bouncy rap song with BLOODCAT’s pleasurable vocals, engaging melodies, and a satisfying groove. It’s undoubtedly one of those songs that are strangely addictive and have the potential to make crowds feel more alive. The fourth tune, “bonsai,” includes those charming soundscapes that catch your attention. BLOODCAT’s vocals are very awesome and throughout the song’s entire duration, he demonstrates enormous variety, fluidity, and depth. This piece has a discrete level of influence, and its musical components are executed expertly. It’s without a doubt, an outstanding track on the album.

The fifth tune, “bankzy,” has a lot of finesse in how the lyrics and flow stand out. On this track, BLLODCAT is joined by another rapper, Kevin Bedford, who both honor the sturdy and hypnotic beats. The instrumental dynamics lend a unique taste to the song, and both rappers executed brilliantly. Moving on, “two-step pussy” is a fabulous track that quickly wins our hearts. It offers a fantastic environment that flawlessly blends R&B and hip-hop feelings. The singer’s seductive voice blend beautifully with the hip-hop-influenced beat and 808 basses. This enhances the beauty of the track.

The seventh track is “funnel cake,” which is identical to the sixth track in terms of the entrance. It’s very intriguing and pleasing to the ear. The instrumentals on this song are made with compelling melodies and strong percussions which lend a nice complement to BLOODCAT’S vocal style and lyrical glide. It brilliantly demonstrates BLOODCAT’s adaptability, as well as his slick rapping, like never before. “starface” is the album’s eighth track and is presented in a beguiling style that piques the listener’s interest. The percussion and 808s in the song create a tremendous vibration, while BLOODCAT’s vocals over the melodic instrumentation sound amazing and conform to the feel of the song beautifully.

“7up,” the album’s ninth track, is one of the songs that I’d categorize as catchy. It is propelled by enticing melodies and a gripping tune that actually draws listeners in and thoroughly immerses them in the beat. The production is stunning, and BLOODCAT’s vocal rendering makes it seem much more so. The tenth tune, “catatonic,” is incredibly intriguing with a pretty tight groove. The vocals also are delivered and processed with such elegance that it impresses us to the marrow. BLOODCAT performs this song in his signature style, as his work imprints his persona on the music, distinguishing him from everyone else.

The album’s last songs, “sushi on my wrist” and “cheeze,” are both instrumental tunes featuring vocal effects and exquisite components that will undoubtedly capture the listener’s attention. The melodies in these songs have a profound effect on the listener and are just amazing.

Overall, “catcall$ 4 (director’s cut)” is a lovely album with impeccable production. BLOODCAT has delivered an engrossing album that will keep us staying for the entirety. His diversified rapping technique, which includes precise high-range delivery and expressive dynamics throughout the album, is most showcased on this album, which makes it a marvel.

Listen to the “catcall$ 4 (director’s cut)” by BLOODCAT on Spotify or SoundCloud and let us know your thoughts.

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