Continuing the breakthrough of his emotional lo-fi indie-folk ballad “Dreaming,” the Danish singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and producer BREGN have granted some timely euphonic sun-bleached joy with his new tune, “Summertime.”

The June 17th released single, is a contemplative tapestry of sensitivity and delicacy. BREGN’s dispassionately devoted voice has a pool of harmonic tenderness to fall into with hints of gloom in the production enveloping the softness in the folky guitar rhythms.

“Summertime” has excellent poetry. The storytelling goes to the heart of the matter with such exact insights influenced by experience. The lyrics would hit a nerve with many of us, transporting us to another dimension. The witty lyrics are genuinely at the core of what draws us into the song so completely. As we engage ourselves in it, the tone will lift our spirits.

“Summertime” is a song devoted to those who experience summertime grief. Regardless of the agony, you want to be loved. So “Summertime” is about asking for love while you’re unhappy, which is difficult to do since everything should be wonderful and pleasant in the summer.

The song has a distinct element that draws attention to how its indie-pop hues blend so seamlessly with its tragic structure. The melody’s lo-fi vibes complement the folk tones, providing a pleasant relaxing ambiance that you can easily drift within. This makes the introspections and contemplations of the lyrics more powerful as they tug at your emotions. because the vocals mesh well and sound well together.

Listen to “Summertime” by BREGN on Spotify and let us know what you think. Cheers!