Bromsen, the musical duo of Richard and Karlo, has released their fifth song, “Someone,” a sound tapestry woven with bold self-discovery and the appeal of the wide road. This song, released on January 12, is the first taste of their upcoming debut album “Brothers in Mind,” and it’s an affirmation for embracing our uniqueness and building our paths, even when the world whispers expectations in our ears.

With laid synth nuances that set up the track with a nostalgic vintage charm before an upbeat rhythm kicks in and envelopes us, the opening lines, “Somewhere in the foreign/Got my foot back in the door and/I feel upbeat, zest for life, and/Do a deep dive in the night,” set the tone for a journey of liberation. They lead us through a story inspired by Luka Bloom’s desire for authenticity and individuality, a theme that runs throughout the track. Speaking of the vocals, they are a standout element, a potent blend of quality and elegance. Richard’s raspy delivery adds a touch of raw vulnerability, while Karlo’s soaring harmonies instill celestial hopefulness. It’s a sonic tug-of-war between the comfort of the known and the thrill of the unknown, perfectly expressing the emotional rollercoaster that comes with deciding which road to choose.

Delving deeper, the lyrics, infused with melodic ambiguity, allow for personalized interpretation. “Someone, I could be someone/Someone, I could be someone or me,” the chorus says, a mantra of self-discovery. It’s a question, a challenge, and a declaration all in one. Who are we really beneath the masks we wear to fit in? What does it mean to be “someone” when the world is continually attempting to shape us into something different? This is a message that resonates seriously, a reminder that the route to authenticity is littered with choices, with the ongoing conflict between complying and building your path.

And then there’s the music—a beautiful mix of rock, hard rock, prog, and even a good dose of 80s synth, all expertly woven together by Bromsen. Their guitars growl and shine, their drums pound like a heartbeat, and their synthesizers add a layer of neon-drenched delight. The production is excellent, with each layer adding to the track’s overall atmospheric richness, while the instrumentation, which includes strong guitar riffs and vibrating electronic beats, produces an immersive experience that excites the senses.

Overall, “Someone” serves as a rallying cry for misfits, dreamers, and everyone who has ever felt confined by societal standards. It’s an anthem for the free heart, a reminder that the only person you have to be is the one who looks back at you in the mirror. So I urge you to turn up the volume, open the windows, and let “someone” wash away the doubts and rekindle your inner fire. Because, with “Brothers in Mind” on the way, Bromsen has left us excited for the full journey that lies ahead.

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