Minneapolis-bred music veterans Michael Bland and Sonny T haven’t just returned to the scene; they’ve formed a powerful new duo called (Br)others. This isn’t some casual collaboration; these two are seasoned musicians with a shared history that goes back decades. For seven years, they honed their craft as part of Prince’s legendary band, The New Power Generation. Their bond goes even deeper; as Michael says, “Sonny is the closest thing I have to a brother in this world.” (Br)others’ debut single, simply titled “(BR)other” released on April 19, perfectly captures this deep connection.

As an instant and certified song that wastes no time in delivering its funky vibes from the very first note, the track opens with a simple truth: “I’ve seen the best and the worst in you, and you’ve seen the best and worst in me.” These lyrics instantly establish the core theme: a deep, enduring brotherhood built on shared experiences, both positive and negative. Vocally, (Br)others are a perfect blend. Bland’s smooth delivery intertwines seamlessly with Sonny T’s rich harmonies, creating a soulful conversation. The shared history between them is palpable in every note. There’s a telepathic understanding and deep respect that shine through in their performance. It’s a feeling almost anyone who’s shared a close bond can relate to—that unspoken language between brothers.

Lyrically, this song is a celebration of the unwavering bond that transcends disagreements and hardships. But despite the occasional disagreements (“don’t you ever doubt”), the message is clear: this bond is built to last. The chorus explodes with a heartfelt declaration: “You’re my brother. You’re my brother. Count on me and I’ll count on you.” The rich harmonies between Bland and Sonny T paint a picture of a deep-rooted connection that transcends blood. It’s a sentiment further emphasized by the repeated line, “You’re my brother, and I love you.” This isn’t just a love song between two friends; it’s a celebration of the unique and powerful bond that exists between brothers and a reminder that true friendship can weather any storm.

Now, let’s get to the music. (Br)others are veterans of the funk and R&B scene, and with this song, they did not disappoint. The production is tight, with a pulsating bassline laid down by Sonny T himself (remember Prince admired him?) and crisp drums courtesy of the legendary Michael Bland. The instrumentation is tasteful, letting the groove breathe while punctuating the melody with flourishes of organ and guitar. Funk and R&B fans will find themselves grinning from ear to ear—this is a song built to move bodies and uplift spirits. I had no intention of getting the thought to stop listening. It had me singing along in no time. And today, I confess, songs like these make me love my work as a song reviewer. This proves how infectious this song is.

In the end, (Br)others offer more than just a song with this track. It’s a testament to the enduring power of music to forge deep, meaningful connections. With soul-stirring lyrics and crystal-clear vocals, this is the kind of song I have been waiting for a long time. Not only have I become a fan but someone is ready to support this duo in the best way possible. They have delivered something special and need the right amount of support. So, for now, let the rhythm move you, and join (Br)others on an unforgettable musical journey unlike any other. This is just the beginning!

Listen to “(BR)other” by (BR)others on Spotify, watch the video with the above link, and let us know your thoughts.

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