Attention all you reggaeton music lovers and Sonic Explorers! Something new has just come up and it is a treat to the ears as London meets Colombia in a captivating dance with “Como Estas,” the newest release from G-Sinnz, featuring Hey Haad. Stepping out from behind the scenes of Caricom Music, G-Sinnz, a tastemaker with a knack for Soca, Dancehall, and Reggaeton, takes the lead as a songwriter, crafting a melody that simmers with sensuality and thoughtful introspection. Hey Haad, a Colombian artist with a fiery spirit and a mission to share her artistry globally, ignites the track with her vocals, embodying the song’s protagonist caught in a modern-day web of love and deception.

So, the song starts on a very sweet, dreamy note where sweet melodies and a beautiful vocal part create a zone of attractiveness, just to set us ready for the ambiance. Then, the opening lines with their deceptively simple question, “cómo estás, me preguntas siempre” (How are you, you always ask me), set the tone for a dialogue laced with suspicion. Although it’s a question we’ve all heard a thousand times, it hangs heavy with unspoken agendas and hidden desires. Hey Haad’s vocals, a smooth blend of strength and vulnerability, effortlessly weave through the lyrics, painting a picture of a cactious heart grappling with the mixed signals of a blossoming connection. Haad’s delivery is nuanced yet commanding and there’s a subtle sensuality woven into her performance, tempered with a healthy dose of self-awareness.

Lyrically, the song beautifully captures the internal struggle of the protagonist. Torn between attraction and a healthy dose of skepticism, she grapples with mixed signals and hidden agendas. The chorus, “No te ilusiones que ahora quiero estar sola” (Don’t get your hopes up, because right now I want to be alone), is a declaration of self-assured independence delivered with a touch of vulnerability. It’s a powerful statement that resonates with anyone who’s ever navigated the sometimes-murky waters of online dating. On the other side, “Como Estas” isn’t just about the allure; it’s about empowerment. The lyrics, penned by G-Sinnz himself, weave a message of self-awareness and the importance of making the right choices. “Hay decisiones que debo tomar y no tomar” (There are decisions I need to make and not make), declares Hey Haad, asserting her agency in the face of potential manipulation.

The reggaeton beat, produced by the esteemed Smash Productions (known for collaborations with Bunji Garlin and remixes for Major Lazer), is infectious without overpowering Hey Haad’s vocals. The rhythm section lays down a foundation of steady percussion, allowing the melody to weave its magic. Subtle electronic flourishes add a touch of modern flair, keeping the track fresh and vibrant. Each element serves as a subtle complement to Hey Haad’s vocal prowess, never overpowering but acting as a lush, inviting canvas against which her voice can truly shine.

In “Como Estas,” G-Sinnz and Hey Haad invite listeners on a journey of self-discovery and passion, where the allure of desire is matched only by the complexity of human emotion. Through haunting lyrics, captivating vocals, and masterful production, they deliver a musical experience that transcends boundaries and resonates with the soul. As the final notes fade into the ether, one thing is certain: the future of Caribbean music has never looked brighter. In essence, “Como Estas” is not merely a song but a testament to the transformative power of music, where love, longing, and temptation converge to create something truly extraordinary.

Listen to “Como Estas” by G-Sinnz ft. Hey Haad on Spotify or SoundCloud and let us know your thoughts.

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