Cala Maz emerges from the heart of Caracas, Venezuela, a city coursing with rich musical heritage, and she carries with her a story created from inspiration derived from Hayley Williams, Amy Winehouse, Julie London, and Doris Day. Her recent work, “Todo sale solo a la luz,” which came out on November 17, 2023, is a moving dive into the waters of grief, reflecting the emotional sensation of witnessing a loved one’s dishonesty. Let’s go into this lovely song by Cala Maz.

“Todo sale solo a la luz” opens with an emotional grand piano melody that sets the tone for the entire track as Cala Maz bares her soul from the start, weaving a tale of anguish and revelation with lines like “Te descubr, mirando an otro lado” (I caught you looking the other way), unfolding a narrative of heartbreak, lies, and the haunting discovery of dishonesty. Cala Maz’s vocals are simply breathtaking. She has a lovely voice that is both soulful and passionate. She sings with sincerity and feelings, bringing the song’s lyrics to life. Her delivery is also remarkable, as she performs the song with real emotion, making us experience what she’s going through.

By theme, the lyrics of the song are a cutting picture of the anguish one feels when a beautiful relationship unravels. Maz sings about finding clear proof of betrayal and the ache of remaining silent while dealing with the emotional breach caused by her partner’s actions. The repeated refrain, “Tu pensabas que de ti no sospechaba” (You thought I didn’t suspect you,) keeps on the theme of deception. Also, she sings about how she’s lost trust in her partner and isn’t sure whether she’ll ever be able to forgive him, with lines like “Si supieras cómo duele / La fractura que tus decisiones causan.” (If you only knew how much it hurts/ the fracture that your decisions cause). However, after recognizing she must move on from this relationship, even if it is challenging, she concludes the song with the wonderful lines, “Son campanas las que anuncian / El final de tus mentiras.” (The bells that announce / The end of your lies.)

The instrumentation, on the other hand, is simple yet effective. A grand piano melody provides the foundation for the song, and it is joined by an electrifying guitar accompaniment. The production is clean, allowing Mazú’s vocals to take the spotlight. To me,  the production is well-done and professional-sounding, thanks to Alejandro Zavala’s expertise

Overall, “Todo sale solo a la luz” is a strong and emotional ballad that will resonate with everyone who has been betrayed. Cala Maz’s vocals, delivery, and songwriting skills are all excellent, and she produces an appealing and musically gratifying tune. This is a song for anyone who has ever felt the pain of betrayal.

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