From the sun-kissed streets of Rome, Italy, where heartfelt stories are told through music, Massimo De Simone once again graces our ears with his latest masterpiece, “La canzone dei pianeti,” a track he released on December 28 last year. Following the beautiful “Danza Aliena,” released in June 2023, De Simone continues to weave magical narratives into musical tapestries. This time, he takes us on an emotive journey, exploring the tender bond between a father and his son, all set against the backdrop of an orchestral pop arrangement.

Opening as softly as a summer breeze and creating a beautiful backdrop for De Simone’s soft voice to unfold, these opening lines, “Leggo il diario e ti racconto. La dolce storia di noi due,” sung with the elegance of a bedtime story, opens the door to a celestial journey in which De Simone opens the diary of his and his son’s shared story. His vocals are like a loving hand leading us through this heavenly lullaby. He sings with a melancholy sweetness, each note laced with the bittersweet sorrow of time’s unrelenting march. The acoustic guitar, his faithful “handmaid,” strums in opposition to the orchestral flourishes, producing a sense of intimacy amidst the awe.

Lyrically, the song is a tapestry of shared experiences woven with the simple threads of daily life. Each word unveils a picture of a love that spans earthly borders, from fixing shoelaces to creating pillow forts. The refrain, “Tic tac,” defines the story, reminding us of the brief essence of time and asking us to enjoy every precious moment. But the line “La canzone dei pianeti” is not just a lament for lost youth. It is a celebration of love’s eternal strength, a pledge uttered from father to son: “Sar l con te”—I  will be with you. Even when paths divide and views change, the invisible thread of connection persists, serving as a guiding beacon amid the expanse of the universe.

The inclusion of a little boy’s voice gives a real candor to the song. The lines “Papà esiste il pianeta Oy?” (Dad, does the planet Oyò exist?) describes a child’s wide-eyed amazement at the world. This simple question, born of infinite imagination, becomes a metaphor for the endless possibilities that lay inside each of us, fueled by a father’s love and support. The song’s cover art depicts this common journey. A father and son stroll hand in hand down a moonlit road, a majestic dragon flying above them. A massive tree reaches into the skies, signifying the eternal tie between generations. The sun and moon, ever-present witnesses to the passing of time, hint at the song’s deep message: appreciate every moment, for childhood, like starlight, fades all too quickly.

The production of ‘La canzone dei pianeti’ is extraordinary. The acoustic sounds fluidly mix with orchestral compositions, producing a musical tapestry that reflects the ebb and flow of familial connections. I like how the blend of elegant beats and delicate yet effective harmonies forms a backdrop that both complements and amplifies De Simone’s vocals, resulting in an appealing ethereal environment.

Overall, “La Canzone dei Pianeti” is a timeless treasure, not just a song. It’s a love letter to fatherhood, a lullaby for every son who has ever imagined himself flying above the stars, and a gentle reminder that even when paths diverge, the love that ties a father and son overcomes time and distance. So close your eyes, relax, and let yourself be taken away on this celestial journey of love and dreams.

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