The Canadian crooner is preparing his follow-up to 2019’s “CASE STUDY 01.”

Though he was canceled by many in the music community a few years ago, Daniel Caesar seems poised to make a grand comeback in 2023. His first single of the season, “Do You Like Me?” landed at the end of January, and has since amassed upwards of seven million streams on Spotify. Following that, his “Let Me Go” track came this New Music Friday (February 10).

The emotional title finds the R&B vocalist pleading with a lover to relinquish their grip on him. “I’m tryna breathe, why won’t you let me? / I’m tryna leave, please just forget me,” the first verse begins. “And honestly, our sun is setting / Can hardly believe this got so messy.”

“Let Me Go” will appear on Caesar’s upcoming album, apparently called Brutus Embarks. The effort will mark his first release since 2019’s CASE STUDY 01, which found him working alongside greats like Pharrell Williams and John Mayer. Additionally, he was joined by Brandy on one of the project’s most popular titles, “LOVE AGAIN.”

As REVOLT notes, the 27-year-old hinted that he’s entering a new musical era in the caption of a recent Instagram post. “Hello, world. I was born a few minutes ago and I’m already learning,” Caesar wrote at the time. “This isn’t supposed to be a beginning, just a long way from before. I see most of me in almost every one of you. Mirror, mirror. There is so much to talk about, we’re closer than you think. For now, let’s just call this the beginning.”

Stream Daniel Caesar’s “Let Me Go” single on Spotify or Apple Music below. Afterward, tell us who you hope makes a guest appearance on his Brutus Embarks album in the comments. Finally, check back later this weekend for more release recommendations on our R&B Season playlist.

Notable Lyrics:

I’m not afraid of manipulation
Stuck in your ways, I’ve run out of patience
You’re lying when you tell me that you won’t be fine
I’m not leadin’ you on I’m leavin’ you behind