With an impressive catalog of hits like “Dear God,” “Dear Alcohol,” “To Be A Man,” and “God’s Eye,” Nigerian-Canadian artist Daniel C Nwosu, widely known as Dax, returns with his latest heartfelt single, “A Real Man,” released on May 24. This new track continues his impactful journey in music, addressing unrealistic expectations in relationships and the challenges faced by men striving to meet them. Inspired by the need to foster understanding and repair the nuclear family, he delivers a sincere and soul-baring performance that resonates deeply with listeners.

The song opens with a slow, hypnotic melody – a bed of smooth guitar riffs punctuated by crisp snaps. It’s the perfect canvas for Dax’s vocals to take center stage. Here, he doesn’t rap; he pours his soul into the lyrics. Each verse drips with raw emotion, a testament to the passion he injects into this song (which he has called his favorite), and is easy to see why—it has all the makings of a song of the decade.

“Yeah, oh / Yeah, she said she wants a real man / One who opens up the door, holds her hand and still smiles when he feels bad / In control of his emotions, wears his heart on his sleeve but don’t get mad”

These opening lines set the tone for the entire song: a battle between societal expectations and emotional vulnerability. Dax masterfully portrays the frustration of a man who’s constantly trying to live up to an impossible ideal – the stoic provider who suppresses his feelings while showering his partner with affection. My favorite lyric: “Love is patient, love is kind / Can be evil and also blind” beautifully captures the duality of love and the unrealistic expectations often placed on relationships. It serves as a poignant reminder of the complexities faced by those of us striving to be “real men.”

Talking about the instrumentation, it is a fascinating blend of genres. The laid-back guitar riffs and melancholic melody have a distinct alt-country feel, while the underlying beat and Dax’s rhythmic delivery hint at his hip-hop roots. This fusion creates a unique soundscape that perfectly complements the song’s message.

Also, the music video for “A Real Man” is a powerful visual counterpart to its narrative. It depicts the protagonist’s journey – the struggle to conform to expectations, the emotional toll it takes, and the ultimate breakdown. The visuals perfectly capture the song’s essence, making it a truly immersive experience.

“A Real Man” to me is more than a song; it’s a conversation starter. It compels us to re-evaluate what we truly value in relationships. With this piece, Dax challenges us to see past the facade of the “real man” and embrace vulnerability and emotional honesty. This is a song that will resonate with those of us who’ve ever felt trapped in a loveless performance. It’s a truly impactful piece of art, and every ‘real man’ needs it.

Listen to “God’s Eye” by Dax on Spotify or SoundCloud, watch the video with the above link, and let us know your thoughts.

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