After two wonderful encounters with them, I am delighted to welcome The Loud Bangs, a Los Angeles-based band, back to this site. They’re an incredible band made up of Alice Street, Daisy Gutierrez, Hannah Remley, and Marcus Nemuro who have been capturing audiences with their distinct sound and compelling performances, just as they carried out with their eight 5-song EP named “Why Things Fray.” This EP, which was released on May 16th, dives into the themes of distant love, expressing the spirit of a fading emotional connection that is difficult to discern. The metaphorical embers of a once-ferocious relationship are studied through a hazy lens, producing an evocative setting for the EP. Let’s go through everything in more depth below.

The “Why Things Fray” EP begins with “Analog Test,” a two-minute 15-second track that immerses listeners in the band’s sonic world by taking their Pink Floyd comparison to new heights while crafting a compelling set of songs that maintain slow tempos and a high level of haziness throughout. It’s harmonizingly lovely, and its ethereal character is complemented by bizarre vocals that transport listeners to another world. “Analog Test” is a strong track with delicate melodies that weave through the hazy and pleasant environment.

The Penelope Cannon” follows, elaborating on the preceding track’s dramatic structure. The song begins with a simple introduction until we are greeted by the band’s musical genius, which shines through with each member contributing their talents to create a captivating sonic tapestry. Daisy Guitierres’ keyboards provide a haunting touch, while Hannah Remley’s bass lines provide a solid foundation that connects the song, transporting us with its fascinating allure of electronic beats and pleasant voices blending to cast a spell of pure musical absorption. Marcus Nemuro’s drumming is exceptional, adding a rhythmic backbone to the thrilling ambiance.

The third song on the EP, “Circus Mirror,” provides a mood of reflection. The masterfully played bass by Hannah Remley infectiously weaves in and provides a contemplative sound, opening in a hazy way so we may enjoy the calm. The guitar interaction is very outstanding, demonstrating the band’s ability to construct dynamic and rich compositions. The haziness of this song grows, drawing the listener deeper into the band’s sonic cosmos. The melody is lovely, and it follows the guitar riff.

By providing a sense of suspense and fear, “Unpleasantly Tense” maintains the EP’s interesting ambiance. The singer’s voice is pure, revealing the complexities of troubled relationships. The instrumentation is wonderful and gives the song a nice twist. It’s almost as wonderful as pure magic. This song demonstrates the band’s outstanding ability to create emotions through music, and the EP benefits from this emotional depth.

The EP comes to a close with “Ex Doll,” a hauntingly beautiful piece of music that encompasses the broader concept of distant love. The combination of airy vocals, engaging music, and meditative text creates a fascinating listening experience. The Loud Bang’s ability to keep the listener engaged throughout the EP is a testament to their creative skill and musical coherence, as this song makes an intimate connection with the center of our being while whisking us away with its psychedelic nature. The arrangement is a work of art, laced with soulful voices. “Ex Doll” is that grand conclusion that the EP deserved. It will leave you wanting more.

The production quality of “Why Things Fray” is flawless, owing to producer Darren Callahan’s amazing work. Every instrument is carefully balanced, enabling each track’s intricacies to shine through. The ambient components are carefully mixed, producing a rich and deep aural environment reminiscent of Pink Floyd’s hallmark approach. With such passion and expertise, Callahan has deliberately designed this incredible work of art.

Overall, the “Why Things Fray” EP by The Loud Bang is a riveting and contemplative musical trip. With this EP, the band solidifies their spot in the music world with brilliant songwriting and outstanding musicianship, as it’s a must-listen for fans of alternative and contemplative rock and further establishes The Loud Bangs as a force to be reckoned with in the industry. Overall, “Why Things Fray” is an excellent EP that has all that the band’s fans will require. I strongly advise you to listen to it.

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