Louis Imperiale, also known as Fifth Lucky Dragon, hails from Indianapolis and is the latest artist on board. The writer, producer, multi-instrumentalist, singer, and creative director recently released his EP, “White Lies & Purple Elephants,” which is a testament to his skill and ingenuity, with his sounds of nature that induce a sense of leisure and euphoria. The EP, which was released on February 17th, consists of three songs, each with its distinct taste and approach. From the title track’s infectious alt-pop sound to the calm feelings of “Don’t Look Too Far Away” and the funky, tropical rhythm of “Mango.” Fifth Lucky’s Dragon variety as an artist is very remarkable with this EP.

The EP begins with the title track, “White Lies & Purple Elephants,” an upbeat and catchy song that serves as an ideal introduction to his style, which combines alt-pop and rock with a good dosage of electronic inspirations. Lyrically, this song uses the metaphor of elephants in the room to symbolize the repercussions of white lies that, if left unaddressed, can grow into much larger issues. The lyrics are cleverly written, and the music is full of positive vibes. The song is a captivating voyage through a fascinating soundscape, led by the artist’s charming vocals.

“Don’t Look Too Far Ahead,” the second piece, demonstrates Fifth Lucky Dragon’s versatility as an artist. It’s a more introspective tune with gorgeously composed lyrics and instrumentation. I can sense the lavishness and pleasure in the writing, which is heightened by the delivery of the lyrics, and the numerous levels are raised by the song’s appropriate orchestration. The lyrics are relevant and heartfelt as they emphasize the significance of staying anchored in the current moment and not getting caught up in our concerns and fears. The vocal delivery is breathtaking, and the brass ensemble was excellently performed and well-balanced between the choruses. It enlivened the entire experience.

Finally, “Mango” is a lighthearted and upbeat tune that neatly closes out the EP. Its tropical rhythm and catchy tune will have listeners grooving, while the lyrics explore the idea of relishing life’s basic pleasures. It’s the ideal combination of cheerful and relaxed, making it a must-have song that you’ll find yourself returning to time and time again. His singing style is nothing short of amazing and that alone will drive listeners insane.

Overall, Fifth Lucky Dragon’s “White Lies & Purple Elephants” EP is excellent. With his distinct approach and thoughtful words, it is an outstanding addition to his repertoire that provides a refreshing hearing experience. Each song’s production is effective, resulting in an overall pleasurable ambiance. This is an EP that will make you feel energized and will tell you that life is intended to be enjoyed fully. So slip on your dancing sneakers and prepare to be swept away by the EP’s infectious cadence and catchy sounds.

Listen to the “White Lies & Purple Elephants” EP by Fifth Lucky Dragon on Spotify and let us know your thoughts.

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