Hello there, grab your headphones and devices and prepare for a journey of self-discovery and musical enjoyment as the fascinating German Nuremberg-based musician Roland Wälzlein under the fun identity of Fish and Scale shows up one more time on our site and how thrilled I am to welcome him back to my aural senses with his latest work, the “Wonderful” EP, which he officially released on June 30th. When you enter the world of “Wonderful,” you will find yourself in the throes of a significant journey that will reveal the core of your entire existence. Each track on this EP acts as a musical chapter, going further into the universal search for satisfaction, love, and liberation. Let’s get into the EP now.

When we go headfirst into this musical expedition, we come upon “Stay!,” which has already been covered entirely on this site and has a seductive tune that softly draws you into the heart of the journey. Fish and Scale examines the need to remain, to dwell within the enticing mystery of one’s existence, in this lovely daydream. This song’s poignant message strikes a deep chord because the genuine satisfaction we seek is found not in ephemeral external achievements, but in accepting our unique path. “Stay!” is a gripping prologue to the insights to come.

Don’t Care,” with its reggae-like rhythm, serves as a rallying cry, an anthem of emancipation from humanity’s lures and ideals. With this song, Fish and Scale push us to break free from the constraints of approbation, daring us to pursue our desires unreservedly. In a society rife with superficiality, this open song ignites the torch of resistance inside your soul, reminding you that happiness thrives when you set aside your prejudices and walk courageously.

As the journey goes on, we are treated to “Feel,” a soul-stirring piece that maneuvers the maze of emotions. Fish and Scale weaves our hearts with the unfathomable beauty of humanity itself, set against a tapestry of heavenly melodies. In these melodic resonances, we discover the connection that binds us to everything around us, breaking the boundaries between “self” and “other.” We are asked to remove the veils of pretense and enter the present moment, to see life’s rich colors unfiltered, freed by mental beliefs.

Finally, we reach the core of this musical journey with the title tune “Wonderful.” With this beauty, a stunning discovery awaits as Fish and Scale reveals the hidden jewel within our hearts, revealing that genuine value is found not in the exterior trappings of success or failure, but in the interior preciousness of our being. The EP embraces a transcendental perspective with “Wonderful,” where the present moment becomes a refuge and the craving for fulfillment fades away, showing that all we seek is already inside. As a listener, you will fall in love with this track’s “wonderful” soundscapes, which never have a boring moment and make it a point to transport you into an atmosphere of comfort and delight.

Overall, “Wonderful” is an EP that takes us on a transforming journey of self-discovery. Fish and Scale brings us through an assortment of emotions and realizations, embodying the human sought for satisfaction, love, and freedom. Each song weaves introspective strands, asking us to break out from the cultural noise and embrace our pathways. “Stay!,” “Don’t Care,” “Feel,” and “Wonderful,” each song leaves a cherished imprint on our souls, revealing secret truths that lay inside. The “Wonderful” EP by Fish and Scale invites us to enjoy life’s symphony and recognize that all we seek is already within us. A timeless message that will resound in our hearts forever.

Listen to the “Wonderful” EP by Fish and Scale on Spotify and let us know your thoughts.

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