Atlanta rapper Lil Dann is back with a new song. Earlier this year fans on TikTok caught him and Lil Baby recording a music video together in their native ATL. Now that song has been released. It’s called “Family Freestyle” and it’s a pretty familiar style to what Lil Baby fans are used to. The watery piano and stiff trap drums on the song are right up both artists’ alley. As are the lyrics where the pair dive into their origins and their come-up into the rap game.

For Lil Dann, it’s his second new song of the year and fifth song overall to make it to streaming. After mostly sticking to solo outings for his first three tracks dating back to 2020, he turned to collaborations in 2023. In March of this year, he teamed up with Rylo Rodriguez for a new song called “AS MUCH.” The video for that song has already amassed well over 100k views. Given the star power he’s recruited in Lil Baby for “Family Freestyle,” this video could climb even higher. Check out the song’s newly released music video below.

Lil Baby has had a relatively quiet 2023 so far. He dropped his first new single of the year in early May with the track “Go Hard.” The song has since amassed over 33 million Spotify streams since its release. He also appeared on the song “False Idols” which was released in conjunction with The Weeknd’s HBO series The Idol. The show received a number of weekly music drops which featured artists like Future, Playboi Carti, and Mike Dean.

Just a few weeks ago Lil Baby released his new song “Merch Madness.” The track was a collaboration with the sports merchandising company Fanatics. What do you think of Lil Dann and Lil Baby’s new collaboration? Let us know in the comment section below

Notable Lyrics:
I put Mazis, Benzs, and Porsches in the hood before this rap stuff
Somethin’ ever happen to me, call Lil Dann’em, that’s my backup
Eight million out of spot, with nine choppers for the jackers