New York drill king Fivio Foreign returns with his new single, “Hot Sauce.” Recently, the rapper missed a performance at Rolling Loud due to health issues. In a statement about his absence, the rapper said, “Apologize to @RollingLoud & everybody who came out to see me I ain’t make it,” he said. “My first time missing a show and I feel so crazy about it but my body dealing w some real issues.. Juss keep me in yah prayers.”

Fivio’s absence at Rolling Loud came just one month after he admitted that he was struggling with his mental health. “Scratch dat.. I’m not healed I’m depressed..,” he tweeted. However, after missing the Rolling Loud performance, he immediately teased new music in a response to a tweet from Meek Mill. Things looked uncertain for a while there. Now, it looks like Fivio is back in top form.

Fivio Foreign dropped his new single and music video today. The song is a hard drill banger, complete with distorted 808s and speedy hi-hat triplets. The production really goes off. The song has everything you could want. It even samples a crow cawing, which sounds far cooler in the song than in writing. “F*ck all this fame sh*t, we with all of the gang sh*t / And we still moving dangerous,” Fivio raps. Seems like this song is his reminder that he shouldn’t be messed with.

The video goes just as hard as the song. It features Fivio on multiple different sets. On one, he brandishes a flamethrower. On another, he stands surrounded by meticulously placed body bags as the camera floats above him. It’s definitely a welcome addition as it makes the lyrics of the song pop even more. Nothing helps people learn more than a visual aid, right? What do you think of Fivio’s new track? Let us know in the comments!

Notable Lyrics:

Send me the addy, I’m coming your way
I tell my shooters to get in they place
They want to shoot a n*gga in his face
I tell ’em chill, they couldn’t wait