“Killing Me Slowly” is one of the most iconic songs by The Fugees. Of course, they are a group with a ton of amazing songs, but there is no doubt that “Killing Me Softly” is a fantastic track. Now, the song has been sampled by French Montana, who just releases a fresh new single called “Whippn’ It Softly.”

Essentially, French takes the iconic track and does his own interpolation of the hook, all while the song’s production is placed underneath. The lyrics are changed to fit the “Coke Boys” aesthetic that French has always been known for. Overall, it is an interesting new take on the song, that is definitely going to raise a few eyebrows.

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Notable Lyrics:

He got cut in his face with a banger (One time)
Been riskin’ for my life with these verse (Two times)
Whippin’ that soft
Whippin’ this far, whippin’ it slowly (Whip it, whip it)