With their latest track, ‘Underground,’ Near Death Experience (NDX) takes you on a grooving rock’n’soul excursion.

Near Death Experience (NDX) is a four-piece Ealing, London-based band. They’ve gained a reputation for forceful, expressive live performances and a dazzling psyche-tinged rock ‘n’ soul sound since forming in 2016. Near Death Experience (NDX) band members include Ian ‘Lightning’ Whiteling, vocalist and acoustic guitarist, Bill ‘The Professor’ Marten, backing vocalist, electric guitarist, and effects, Amar ‘The Groovemeister Grover,’ bass guitarist, and Alan ‘The Milkman’ Perkins, backing vocalist and drummer.

They bring back the finest of music that has seemingly vanished, and here they are with “Underground,” a tune that will have your skeleton grooving and your soul flying through a meadow of riffy guitars and energetic voices. . This new single introduces us to a new musical genre, as the band calls it: “subterranean swing!”

The structure of the song incorporates several texture aspects and incorporates a variety of genres, surprising the listener while remaining quite swingy. The nearly two-minute single is wonderfully pop-rock with a reggae bounce, as NDX mixes some rather profound and truthful lyrics with a danceable peppy sound.

The song “Underground” begins with an acoustic guitar riff, which sets the tone for the singer to take the stage. The singer interacts with the flow of the music, inviting listeners to join in and sing along, with an impassioned, talented, and captivating voice. The music’s arrangement, on the other hand, clearly demonstrates a talented group of musicians playing the instruments.

“Underground” is a pleasurable listen throughout, displaying Near Death Experience’s outstanding songwriting and superb musicianship while also exhibiting the band’s flexibility and creative originality.

Stream “Underground,” on NDX’s Spotify and see the official video on YouTube. Cheers!