Keogea, a New York rapper, opened out 2024 with a new tune called “THRU THE NIGHT,” which features outstanding artist Ezzyo. This banger is the ideal combination of old-school and new-school hip-hop, making it a surefire smash with both OG and younger listeners. The song, which was released on January 26, is about endurance and overcoming hurdles, with both rappers constructing lyrical tapestries that highlight their trials and achievements. Stroll with me on “THRU THE NIGHT” as I dive deep into it.

From the time Ezzyo begins the track with his sharp and rapid-fire delivery, you know you’re in for something amazing. His lyrics are packed with creative wordplay and punchlines that strike harder than a heavyweight fighter. He opens “THRU THE NIGHT” with a confident attitude, declaring his triumph and steadfast spirit in the face of challenges. Lines like “Mayweather numbers Mike Tyson no ear” and “Isn’t it clear my jab so fast they disappear” depict a talented boxer who dominates the opponent. His flow is fluid and natural, perfectly changing between laid-back verses and thrilling beats.

Keogea, on the other hand, comes in strong on the second verse with a smooth and easy flow, matching Ezzyo’s energy with his brand of lyrical prowess. His wordplay is snappy and witty, with lines such as “With my swift expertise, I quickly neutralize a target / easy precision clean disintegration,” proving his brilliant analogies and narrative ability. Keogea’s flow is similarly excellent, seamlessly transitioning between double-time lyrics and laid-back grooves.

The production is one of the track’s interesting qualities. It is extraordinary! The idyllic Lo-Fi sounds serve as the perfect backdrop for the rappers’ stories, resulting in a serene and composed ambiance. They also create a relaxed ambiance, which is ideal for late-night or early-morning chill sessions. The use of subtle yet effective sound effects adds depth and character to the soundscape, keeping us interested throughout the piece. From the minute the beat hits, you’ll be nodding along in time, unable to resist the urge to move.

Overall, “THRU THE NIGHT” is well-crafted and pleasant music that smoothly combines old-school swagger and new-school feelings. Keogea and Ezzyo gave outstanding performances, presenting their artistic abilities and great flow. The production is rare, resulting in a soundtrack that perfectly suits the song’s concept. If you’re looking for a track that will take you across time and leave you wanting more, add this to your playlist. I have a feeling you’ll love it.

Listen to “THRU THE NIGHT” on Spotify and let us know your thoughts.

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