In anticipation of their joint album’s release in the spring of 2024, Hannah Dorman and Ivon Roberts’ “Believe” offers a stimulating taste of what’s to come. Released on November 24, “Believe” explores the perilous ground of disappointment, creative stress, and the unyielding pursuit of ambitions. Not only that, but it is a testament to Hannah and Ivon’s artistic abilities and their knack for transforming intense feelings into poignant lyrics. For greater insight, continue reading my thoughts on the song and “believe” in it.

The method by which Hannah Dorman and Ivon Roberts approached “Believe” is outstanding in refinement and harmony. A dreamy, simple chord sequence introduces the track and sets the mood for a pleasant and fascinating ambiance that intensifies over the next few seconds. And with the first words, “This dream can feel a little too hopeless sometimes; my belief in me gets a little bit harder to find,” they instantly wrap us in a zone of sensitivity and self-discovery while also connecting with the spirit of personal hardships and creative struggles. Hannah and Ivon’s poetic skill is readily apparent, revealing the emotional ground that serves as the foundation of ‘Believe.’ Their soft, ethereal vocal delivery is a standout feature; they give life to the lyrics, making each line a profound display of the song’s introspective nature.  They have a certain appeal that we were unaware existed in modern music and to be honest, the contagious glee of the song attracted me.

However, what makes “Believe” stand out is the sense of power that the song’s lyrics provide, as they reflect an in-depth look at grit and confidence in the face of challenges. Hannah and Ivon recognize the challenges and low points along the way, as well as the toll that traveling through life may have on one’s self-esteem. The acute experience is best described by the metaphor of a bed of knives, and the slow crawl of months signifies the passing of time. Despite the difficulties, there is a solid will to ‘believe’ in the hopes and ambitions that were once appreciated. despite the. The idea of building a legacy through sacrifice and time is loud, showcasing the endurance of ambitions and the conviction that there is something more than the struggles of the here and now. Also, the use of celestial imagery, such as a million stars and dreamers, gives the story an aura of heavenly hope, while the repetition of the phrase “I still believe” turns it into an effective affirmation that solidifies the stamina and spirit needed to weather the storms.

Instrumentally, the song’s fast-paced tempo and amazing elements create an impressive ambiance that underlines the depth of its subject matter. The lively instrumentation achieves a harmonious blend of powerful pop-rock components with planned, controlled passages. Likewise, the song’s emotional core is allowed to shine through, thanks to Sam Ray’s well-done production. The piece artfully creates a picture of music that represents the highs and lows of our emotional journey by striking a balance between beautiful sections and strong crescendos.

In conclusion, “Believe” by Hannah Dorman and Ivon Roberts is a journey of tireless determination, belief, and undying friendship. They engage us in their creativity and provide us with a musical experience that breaks genre barriers, addressing the universal difficulties and pleasures faced by the creative soul. “Believe,” which is filled with engaging lyrics, excellent vocals, and top-class production, is an eye-catching start to what is sure to be a phenomenal joint album out in the spring of 2024. In an era where ambitions are frequently shattered, Dorman and Roberts’ bold declaration, “I still believe,” sets the bar for what we might expect from them.

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