If you visit this site frequently, you probably already know that Dirty Mitts are not new, but in case you haven’t, permit me to take a moment to introduce you to one of the best rock ‘n’ roll bands I’ve ever heard of. Hailing from the UK, Poland, and Egypt, Dirty Mitts is a dynamic four-piece band that formed in 2022. It comprises Tommy Balaam on vocals; Matt on bass; Mo on guitar; and Mateusz on drums. Now back with their recent offering, titled “Hands Off,” it is a five-track EP that was released on November 10 and is proof of the band’s love for blistering rock ‘n’ roll. It carefully merges bluesy undertones with vintage vibes and an infectious energy that will have us up and dancing. Let’s get into each song on the EP.

The EP kicks off with “You Better Run! (Villains Theme),” a song that has previously been featured on our site. Opening with riffs that set the tone for great energy, this is a high-intensity anthem that demonstrates the pure force of rock music. Tommy Balaam’s hard vocals draw attention, expressing an individual who typifies boldness and disobedience through his lyrics. This character is depicted in the song as a boy of flight with wings on his back, oozing demonic energy that scares everyone he comes into contact with. Thus, this song’s lyrical elements—power, control, and the thrill of the chase—create a sense of urgency and danger. The vocals were great and their edgy tone went well with the lyrics’ defiant theme, while the instrumentation, featuring powerful guitar riffs and solid drumming, contributed to the track’s overall energy. The production is crisp, allowing each element to shine and the arrangement elegantly creates tension, making for an enjoyable listening experience.

Following up, “My Show” is a track that never lets up. Dirty Mitts exhibits their range of styles in this piece, which has an effective rhythm section led by Matt on bass and Mateusz on drums, along with blooming blues undertones. Lyrically, this song paints a vivid picture of horses running free, describing the unstoppable force of the moment. The idea is to let our inhibitions go and enjoy the ride as the music takes control. The raw, gritty intensity of the voice nicely fits the rebellious attitude of the song. The performance emits confidence and a sense of liberation, inviting us to be involved in the celebration as the repeated refrain, “We fucking love you,” adds a sense of friendship. Once more, the production is excellent, presenting the dynamic interaction between the instruments and spotlighting the guitar riffs and driving beat in particular.

Ball & Chain,” the third song, is another intense musical journey that subtly combines an emotive story with gritty rock elements. The lyrics explore the variety of love and its absorbing nature, painting a vivid picture of passion and dispute. The song’s premise is expressed in the repeating refrain, “Your love is a poor man’s game; get your touch with a ball and chain,” which serves as a vibrating hook. The lyrics are delivered with real excitement by Tommy, whose intensity matches the cyclical nature of the subject matter. The eager performance has a strong intensity that amplifies as the song goes on, generating a sense of tension and urgency. The production is robust, allowing the instrumentation to shine. It’s a powerful song that elegantly balances lyrical depth, vocal prowess, and musical dynamism, making it stand out on the “Hands Off” EP.

Women,” the next-to-last tune, is an engaging song whose words and melodic structure create a lively story. It looks at equality, empowerment, and desire, with a special emphasis on the role of women. The lyrics express a modern social consciousness through the repeated call for women to receive equal pay and the need to hear their opinions.  With vocals that are delivered with a sense of urgency and passion, the message of the song is perfectly conveyed. There is a definite intensity to the performance throughout the entire song. The instrumentation offers a strong foundation, the rhythmic drive and catchy melody improve the entire listening experience, and the production is clear-cut and well-balanced, letting the words take the forefront. This song stands out too, not only for its socially conscious lyrics but also for its musical quality, which makes it an enjoyable and thought-provoking listen.

Ride the Storm,” the EP’s crown jewel, brings the musical journey to a satisfying close. This song’s lyrics powerfully portray a battle with inner demons, calling on us (the audience) to take on problems head-on and ignore the false forces that want to derail us. The song’s tension is enhanced by the devil-dancing metaphor and the use of thundering images, like the mighty Thor. The chorus rings out as a call to action, inspiring us to face the worst of times head-on and never give up. The raw, emotional nature of the vocals nicely matches the rebellious spirit of the lyrics. The performance is passionate and full of energy, which emphasizes the concept of persisting in the face of difficulty. The production is well-crafted, creating an environment that enhances the song’s impact. Its anthemic appeal is further emphasized by the cinematic quality of the instrumentation, particularly the use of thunderous elements. “Ride the Storm” is a call to embrace one’s inner fire and face obstacles with fortitude and bravery. It’s more than a song!

In conclusion, Dirty Mitts’ “Hands Off” is a magnificent display of the band’s skill and proof of their fidelity to the spirit of rock ‘n’ roll. Every song on the EP has a unique sound and adds to a strong and complete musical story. This EP is vital listening for any real rock lover because of its sheer strength, gritty integrity, and a touch of nostalgia. In addition to paying respect to the rock legends, Dirty Mitts has strengthened their position as the genre’s leaders in the contemporary music field.

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