Howdy, music lovers! Gather around for another unforgettable journey with our favorite Atlanta-based singer, Robbie Rapids, and his trusty band of Rapids! After capturing our hearts with several beautiful hits in 2022 and early 2023, Robbie is back with a toe-tapping, knee-slapping swamp rock anthem that’s bound to reel us in hook, line, and sinker. Released on February 23, “Fishing the River” is a rollicking ode to the trials and tribulations of casting lines and reeling in tales. Let me take you through this hilarious adventure.

From the get-go, the song sets the scene with a familiar picture: “Casting with my fishing pole, over by the bend, casting into that fishing hole one more time again.” Rapids’ voice is like a comforting drawl, immediately transporting us riverside with him. We can practically feel the anticipation building with each cast of his line, only to be punctuated by the wonderfully self-deprecating, “Has gobbled up my bait again. Starting to get pissed.” It’s clear from the offset that this fishing trip is less about catching dinner and more about the laughs (and frustrations) that come with the experience. Robbie’s performance fits the mood of the song, and it is nothing short of pure bliss for our ears.

Now, the lyrics are where the real fun lies. Robbie chronicles his epic struggle to catch a fish, constantly outdone by his wily cousin Jim. Lines like “Starting to get pissed” and “Haven’t got a chance” are delivered with a wink and a smile, making us laugh along with his relatable woes. But it’s not all about the competition. There’s a genuine love for the outdoors woven into the song. You can practically smell the damp earth and hear the gentle gurgle of the river. And who doesn’t love a good fish tale, even if it’s embellished by Uncle Steve? As Robbie sings, “Don’t step too deep; cold water goes in your waders again,” you might find yourself reminiscing about your less-than-successful fishing trips. That’s the magic of “Fishing the River”—it’s a song that gets your toes tapping and brings back warm memories, even if your biggest catch was a hooked finger.

The entire band, Robbie & the Rapids, deserves a round of applause for their tight performance. The swamp-rock sound they cultivate is infectious. Ralph Crabtree’s lead guitar weaves a bluesy melody that hangs heavy in the air, perfectly mirroring the murky depths of the river. Steve Jones’ organ adds a touch of playful mischief, like the gurgle of the water teasing Rapids with the promise of a fish just out of reach. Meanwhile, the rhythm section, anchored by Matt Stachler’s bass and propelled by Scott Jacobs’ drums, keeps the whole thing chugging along like a trusty outboard motor. Their chemistry is undeniable, creating a soundscape that’s both lighthearted and undeniably catchy. Their production and performance get a 10 over 10 from me.

In all honesty, this song is a pure delight. It’s catchy, witty, and a fantastic showcase for Robbie Rapids’ songwriting and the band’s instrumental prowess. As Rapids himself sings, “Fishing the river… will have you remembering your last fishing adventure.” And that it does! It’s a swamp-rock singalong that will have you hooked from the first cast. So, dear all, let’s put on our waders, grab our metaphorical fishing poles, and cast a line into the hilarious world of Robbie Rapids’ latest catch!

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