mUmbo is a British Alt-Rock band comprised of Doug MacGowan and Emma Semple, who met while working on other musical projects. The pair have released their third single of the year, the heartbreaking country-tinged rock ballad “Don’t Even Mind The Rain,” in cooperation with Italian-based virtuoso drummer Antonio Dalé. This song was published on July 15th, this year.

Now and again, a song comes across that completely captures your attention, and “Don’t Even Mind The Rain” by mUmbo is one of those songs. The song crawls on the listener with a controlled, addictive acoustic guitar beat in the most ambient way imaginable, then opens out with chilly guitar riffs accompanied by Emma’s amazingly vocal, capturing the listener’s attention.

The band claims the song has a small country-tinged taste to it, something they haven’t used much in their music before, and that the usage of actual drums rather than beats in this single gives the song a lot more genuine, live feel to the recording. Speaking of “Don’t Mind The Rain,” it has been noted that it is a song that tackles the following themes: hope, love, regret, quiet optimism, and bright sadness. A very personal song with a universal affinity. The song’s excitement is preserved throughout which is commendable, and the demeanor of the rendition is critical in getting us into the atmosphere.

mUmbo’s inspirations include shoegaze, beats, folk, blues, rock, and ambient, and their favorite musicians include Stars of the Lid, Widowspeak, Mazzy Star, and Kelly. Joe Phelps, Goldfrapp, Little Feat, and Ry Cooder are among the performers. Because of these inspirations, “Don’t Even Mind The Rain” has a pop sensibility and as a result, we get an unstoppable pop anthem based on tons of melodic guitars while the exquisite counter-melodies and melodies provide richness. As a whole, the production enhances the ambiance and holds the music intriguing continuously.

Listen to “Don’t Mind The Rain” by mUmbo on Spotify and let us know what you think. Cheers!